Nobody desires dry frizzy hair. For some it’s a daily battle with frizzy hair while a few get to deal with it occasionally. In either case, it is annoying for those who desire shiny, silky and bouncy hair. Frizzy hair can look dull and be very difficult to style.

Frizzy hair is mainly caused due to lack of moisture in your hair cuticle. Other contributing factors include extreme humidity, regular use of blow dryer, and using wrong products for your hair type that harm hair cuticle.

To treat frizzy hair, it’s important to lock in the moisture and strengthen hair cuticle – and this is what protein hair treatment does. This revolutionary treatment from Brazil is your answer to damaged and frizzy hair. Protein Hair treatment is a smoothing technique for those seeking frizz-free, extreme brightness, ultra-shiny and manageable hair.

How does the protein hair treatment work?

Suitable for all hair types, protein hair treatment is a combination of açaí oil and arginine – natural moisturizers. The treatment delivers deep hydration and nutrition to hair. During the treatment process, it swells up the hair follicles open which allows protein molecules to bond with hair cuticle thus restoring and strengthening hair against heat, humid and any damage.

Added nutrients found in this rich formulation help reduce frizz thus resulting in shiny, super soft, healthy hair up to 4 months.

Benefits of Protein Hair Treatment

  • Extremely safe as contains natural ingredients
  • Fizz free hair with long lasting results
  • Strengthens & restores damaged hair structure
  • Balances moisture in hair
  • Prevents breakage by strengthening & smoothing cuticle

We at the Royal Retreat Spa recommend Protein Hair treatment in Dubai as one of the latest techniques to help your hair look fabulous and ultra-shiny.

If you want frizz free, smooth, strong and bouncy hair – call us on 043447540, 043442540 or 043447530 to book your session.

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