If you’ve been heat styling, dying or bleaching your hair for a long time, then it’s likely you’ll see damaged hair such as split ends and broken hair shafts. Your hair may be brittle and dry because of the damage it has sustained to the structure of the hair.
Luckily, treatments such as Keratin and Hair Botox can improve shine and reduce the appearance of such damage. However, it is important to choose the right kind of treatment for your needs in order to see the best results.
So how do you choose?
Hair Botox
Hair Botox is a deep conditioning hair care treatment that is exceptionally good for smoothing frizzy hair and repairing damage such as split ends and dryness. Your hair will be left both shiny and strong. You’ll also find it much more manageable after treatment.
We particularly recommend Hair Botox for long hair that’s been damaged from repeated styling.
In the treatment we administer, the Botox treatment will be shampooed into your hair and after the hair is towel-dried we will add more of the restorative chemical in serum form.
Recommended for: damaged long hair and brittle frizzy hair. Hair with a natural curl of wave that you want to keep.
Keratin treatment
Also known as Brazilian hair treatment, Keratin Treatment is a semi-permanent hair-smoothing chemical treatment. Your hair is first washed with special shampoo and blow-dried, then the treatment is combed through the hair. In total, the process takes between two and four hours.
Keratin is great for loosening curls, and does a good job restoring over-styled hair. It’s also very good for frizz and helps restore shine.
Recommended for: Frizzy, afro or curly hair, damaged hair that benefits from straightening.
Hair Botox vs Keratin
So if you’re looking for a damaged hair treatment, which should you choose? Both types of treatment have the effect of smoothing and adding shine, eliminating frizz, and helping to reduce your styling time.
The main difference between the treatments is that keratin treatments are really intended for hair straightening rather than repair, and isn’t suitable for very damaged hair.
If you have very long or coloured hair that you’ve been straightening or bleaching regularly, or if you have a dry afro hair type, then Hair Botox may be a better choice as it works to restore damaged hair. Because keratin has a smoothing effect, you may wish to avoid it if you want to keep your natural wave or curl.
To discuss which type of hair treatment is best for you, request for a call back or schedule a consultation using our Online Booking form.
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