Indonesian traditional massage is considered as one of the earliest sorts of oil massage. This traditional healing treatment helps the body get rid of disease and regain its harmony with pressing and rubbing the soft tissues of the body.

There are a different kind of traditional Indonesian massages such as Pijit, urut and Balinese massage. In between, Pijit is the most common type and mostly is applied for relaxing and muscles strength. It generally focuses on the muscles, using hands and palms to press tissue strongly and squeezing it constantly with fingers and palms.

Urut is mostly used to treat the broken bones and injured muscles. Hence, this treatment can be painful, since the pressure is much deeper not only in the muscles but also the nerve paths and bones. The main achievement of this treatment is wellbeing and increasing the good blood flow. In Urut treatment, fingers, thumbs, palms, knuckles and body weight are all used to muscular relaxation, broken bones recovery and release toxins.

Balinese massage is actually skin rolling treatment. In this kind of massage, the therapist holds the skin between her fingers and thumbs and rolls the skin while is moving her hands and pulling up the muscles. In the Balinese massage, the masseur cracks the neck, fingers and toes; how much the sound is louder, the more pleased is feeling.

In ROYAL RETREAT BEAUTY AND SPA DUBAI, our professional team are specifically educated and experienced in this type of massage. They are fully aware of where and how to apply the pressure without harming the body.

How Does It Work:

The moderate sort of traditional Indonesian massage includes a combination of both gentle and relaxing smacks as well as effective pressure. This treatment can be done on the mattress or special bed. In ROYAL RETREAT BEAUTY AND SPA, first the therapist starts to massage the legs, then rigidly rubs the back and arms and at the end, she massages the scalp slowly to help the blood circulation and energize the body.

Benefits Of Indonesian Massage:

Indonesian massage like any other treatments, apart from relaxing, has its own unique benefits such as below:

-Reliefs allergies’ symptom.

– Clears the body’s line for Qi energy (the energy around our body).  

-Heals damaged muscles and tissues.

– Calms joint pains.

-Helps with sleep disorders.

Who Should Avoid Of Indonesian Massage:

-People with fever or high temperatures

-People with bleeding or open wounds and cuts on the skin

– People with any blood vessels or lymph inflammation

– People with complication of heart conditions

-People with Hypertension

-People with high level of Sunburn

-People with pathological hardening or thickening of tissue


Although this treatment can help to recover the injured bones or tissues and helps to reduce stress and detoxify the body, and both men and women benefit of this treatment, but it is not recommended for those who suffer from some pathological issues and pregnant women. Therefore, it is important to visit your therapist before getting this message.

On the consultation day, in ROYAL RETREAT BEAUTY AND SPA, our professional Indonesian masseur, will meet and greet with the applicant and will ask about her medical experience, in addition she will explain the procedure of this treatment and the way of applying the pressure and the applicant can choose her massage oil base on her taste.



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