Tattoo Removal methods, watch non-laser Rejuvi Tattoo Removal, before and after.

Tattoo Remove And Rejuvi, The Two Safe Ways To Have A Tattoo Free Body And Face. Honestly speaking, so many people we have heard or we have seen around us that regret having unpleasant face or body tattoos and some of them no longer are interested in that turquoise blue artwork on their body and the majority of them are desperately looking for a painless forever solution to vanish those faded image, shape or poorly drawn lines.

Fortunately these days, despite the painful, costly and high-risk tattoo removal methods in the past, the new advanced techniques put an end to all those griefs and dreads by offering two main methods for removing tattoos; Laser tattoo removal system and Non-Laser (liquid base cream) removal technique.

ROYA RETREAT SPA CENTER with over years’ experience in removing tattoos and semi-permanent makeup with the high rate in clients satisfaction is one of the safest places that one can trust to remove her tattoo and get her smooth and silky skin back.
PARIS FARAJI, the founder of ROYAL RETREAT BEAUTY AND SPA is an aesthetic Semi Permanent makeup artist and certified from high-profile international institutes in cosmetic and paramedical semi-permanent makeup and pigmentation, also Body and Face tattoo removal that she brings worldwide best techniques to the region from masters of tattoo remove art She carries excellent dermatologic knowledge and experience and that what make her one of the bespoke SPMU specialists in the world specially United Arab Emirates and Dubai.

When it comes to compromising the two methods REJUVI  TATTOO REMOVAL and Laser, based on the early experiments and examination, REJUVI and TATTOO REMOVE take over the laser method due to the facts below:

The laser is only able to dim and fade the color up to 70%. The laser cannot remove the whole tattoo’s ink and mostly it leaves a purple, green or red ghost image behind. And it is important to know that laser is a color target method and affects only on the extra dark colors such as black or dark brown and not on red or green tattoos even in 1000 sessions, it just fades the color. The laser beam is not able to lift pigment particles out of the skin, in all successful and unsuccessful cases of the laser tattoo removal total amount of pigment still, exist under the skin, but broken into a different structure. A structure that makes it so difficult for creamy TATTOO REMOVE or REJUVI  TATTOO REMOVAL to work 100% successfully in a few sessions. Skin cells would be also so sensitive and fragile for a few months that make it impossible to touch with any creamy tattoo removal. Once laser tattoo removal is done client has to wait minimum 8 weeks to get her skin healed totally and apply for a creamy tattoo remove technique.
Despite Laser, REJUVI  TATTOO REMOVAL has the ability to lift the whole pigment out of the skin without leaving any single mark. In the new safe tattoo removal technique, it targets the pigment by bonding with the color particles and absorbs it quickly, and lifts the whole pigment out from utmost layers of skin without damaging any single cell, regardless of the darkness, lightness or colors of tattoo. This method is much faster than laser and it is suitable for removing all kinds of Tattoos in all skin types even maximum tanned skin color. It just requires more sessions to remove tattoos to the satisfaction stage.


These great advantages and high success rate of REJUVI and other similar high-quality brands are the main reason that PARIS FARAJ , SEMI PERMANENT MAKE-UP ARTIST AND TATTOO REMOVAL SPECIALIST recommends this method as an absolutely protected treatment to bring your smile back once again at ROYAL RETREAT BEAUTY AND SPA.
Skin is the most sensitive part of the body and for such important decisions like tattoo removal choosing the safest way to minimize the hazard is vital.  In the case of safety, Laser tattoo erasing treatment can get a black point for its highest risk of skin damage during the treatment.
In this method, Laser rays penetrate into the deeper layers of skin to break down the tattoo’s pigments and dim the color but not remove it, and that can cause scars and hyper-pigmentation. In Laser treatment, a person loses their natural pigments in the area of tattoo which takes 6-12 month till the skin corrects itself. Therefore, the person cannot go through any treatment at least till 3month.
Beside REJUVI  TATTOO REMOVAL is uniquely formulated a liquid base product that effects on the first layer of skin and have the ability to remove the tattoo with no harm or damage by absorbing the Iron Oxide of the pigment. REJUVI  TATTOO REMOVAL doesn’t leave any mark or scars behind if the artist is well experienced and protects the pigments of the skin, however, if you don’t choose a professional technician and many years’ experience in this field, even REJUVI  TATTOO REMOVAL and TATTOO REMOVE cannot be completely safe and that’s why in ROYAL RETREAT SPA, we are so confident and proud of our tattoo removal services.

Based on the experiments, removing Tattoo with a laser is more painful than having it on the skin. Laser ray is very hot when it goes deep into the skin and makes undesirable pain. Most of the time the numbing cream doesn’t work and the person needs a local injection to stand with pain. Besides, REJUVI  TATTOO REMOVAL applies the same method of micro-pigmentation with a painless needle machine and a small amount of numbing cream is enough to have no pain and even fall asleep during the removal session. In the case of removing tattoos, the pigments will replace by REJUVI  TATTOO REMOVAL. 

The cost of removing the tattoo depends on the size of the artwork, but basically, laser method is absolutely more costly than the REJUVI  TATTOO REMOVAL. Because laser needs more sessions than REJUVI  even for the smaller size so it makes you to pay more and honestly it is not worth for the money to just get your tattoo color lighter than before instead of removing it.

Basically removing the tattoo or semi-permanent makeup needs a person’s patience, but don’t worry in this case also REJUVI  TATTOO REMOVAL method wins laser. Laser treatment sometimes takes up to 2 years, but the first three retreatment session with REJUVI  TATTOO REMOVAL will provide excellent results. However, it is important to note that every case will be different in the number of the session.

AT ROYAL RETREAT SPA, we encourage our lovely client to be patient in order to achieve the best result. For example, some of our clients has done laser tattoo removal earlier and they were unhappy with the treatment so they are planning to continue removing their tattoo with REJUVI  TATTOO REMOVAL, that’s fine but here we appreciate more their patience because first of all, they need to wait at least 3 month due to the skin damages followed by laser, then they should do the treatment once a month by REJUVI  TATTOO REMOVAL or every two weeks  till the pigment completely goes out of her skin.
But for the normal case, ROYA RETREAT SPA offers 3 to 6 sessions depends on the size and newness of the person’s tattoo. If she has done her first tattoo one year back she needs only 3 sessions to remove it but if she repeats her tattoo several times and most probably over one year she needs 6 sessions or more to get it done completely.
The important point to note is the break between each session is only 14 days.

Regarding the duration of each treatment session Laser and REJUVI  TATTOO REMOVAL, treatments are almost the same, with a very big difference. With a laser, you experience a high amount of pain, but with REJUVI and TATTOO REMOVE you can even sleep during the erasing treatment, in the case of discomfort it’s so similar to eyebrow threading, based on client’s comment.
At ROYA RETREAT BEAUTY CENTRE, each treatment session with REJUVI  TATTOO REMOVALwill take a minimum of 45 mins to numb the skin and an additional 15 – 60 minutes depending on the size of the tattoo, without feeling any pain or discomfort, so you can close your eyes and rest till the end of erasing session.

In ROYAL RETREAT we welcome all kind of tattoos and skin types regardless of the quality and REJUVI  TATTOO REMOVAL will work on almost any tattoo whether high or poor quality. Keloid scarring is therefore not suitable. We will also not use the system on pregnant or breastfeeding clients, certain medications are also Contra-Indicated, for full details please ask before booking your consultation.

In ROYAL RETREAT we welcome all kind of tattoos regardless of the quality and size and we remove them properly in the best way by far.

At the end of your tattoo erasing session in ROYAL RETREAT, we give you “aftercare” cream and will explain for you about the exact way of using it in a printout home care advice. Here is your turn to take care of yourself follow the instruction strictly. The important point to note is aftercare is the most important part of your treatment because the home care ingredient is the most helpful product to help skin rejuvenate itself and reproduce new cells and to be ready for next treatment.

In your consolation day at ROYAL RETREAT SPA, you will be welcomed by PARIS FARAJI the founder of the center and the aesthetic specialist to assist you to come up with the best strategy to get your favorite result. PARIS believes how much you know more about the function of the REJUVI  TATTOO REMOVAL method, you can take your decision easier. So if you are bored or unhappy with your cosmetic or body tattoo, or if you are going to celebrate your new life with your beloved partner and you like to have a tattoo-free body on your beautiful wedding dress, never is too late. Just pick up the phone and book with us on:
By the way, the Good news is In ROYAL RETREAT BEAUTY CENTRE, we always have “Before and After” photographs of all our clients, however, these pictures are private and confidential, and you can see them at our center and it will not be displayed without our individual’s permission.

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