Tattoo Removal by Paris Faraji

Find The Artist Who Transforms Your Beauty By Removing Old Cosmetic Tattoo The Way You Are Look For.

A talk to my clients;

You will see no more bad color on your face every time looking in mirror.

You need the perfect Artist, here I am, the best Tattoo Removal Therapist in UAE that you were looking for.

A perfect place to remove your old tattoo and either to make a new Microblading or just keep it as a clean skin forever. 

Regretting your tattoo? Clean up your face from unwanted tattoo.

I also know for sure that sometimes lasers damage the old pigments badly and you don’t know how to fix it. Green, Orange, Red, Blue and terrible Gray are sometimes the result of Laser Tattoo Removal in Dubai.


eyebrow-tattoo- removal
I, Paris Faraji, remove all kinds of the wrong Microblading and Cosmetic Tattoos on Lips, Eyeliner, and Brows.

This is your trustworthy place to clean up your face from the bad tattoos you don’t want any more.

Removing Cosmetic Tattoo requires more than a Laser Tattoo Removal or just a tattoo machine. It requires years of experience and skills that I gathered in more than 10+ years with thousands of 100% successful removal cases.

How It works?

Well, a perfect consultation is a key to excellent result, it has been always my key to success stories. Book your consultation today and save your money and your beauty by doing the Best Tattoo Removal in Dubai with Best Tattoo Remover Therapist. Achieve fantastic result with The One who have experienced enough to help you survive and get back to your original beauty.

My first consultation is always FREE, book an appointment today and lets discuss the details.

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Final Takeaway:

My clients say I am their life saver, their beauty saver and I believe it due to hundreds of before and after images that I have as proof. 

Paris Faraji Technique is the best and safest tattoo removal technique to date after practicing on thousands of individual clients. You may think that your lipliner, eyeliner, or other permanent makeup is there to stay, but thankfully, you have the perfect solution, you have me. 

Whether you have done lip blushing, microblading, eyeliner, powder brows, or traditional tattoo ink, My Technique is here to help you get rid of any unwanted or regretted tattoo on your face/body.

Q & A

It is a safe and minimally invasive procedure.

With Paris Faraji Technique No it does not. It takes pigment out of the skin without leaving scars.

Paris Faraji Technique is a tattoo removal cream that bonds to the pigments in the tattoo and degrades them. These cause the body’s immune system to resist the cream, which causes it to be ejected onto the skin’s surface.

Yes, this procedure will remove all permanent make-ups and tattoos.

Yes, unlike laser, which is useless against some pigments and ingredients, the method works on all pigments and tattoos equally.

Depending on the size, location of the tattoo and ink quality, it can usually be erased in three to four treatments. However, because each tattoo is unique, this can range from fewer to more treatments.

The removal of body tattoos and permanent cosmetics is particularly effective with this therapy. Even after first session you can see result and if you continue, your tattoo can be entirely gone.

Tattoos that have previously undergone laser treatment can be treated with a minimum 3 months gap from last laser session.

No, this treatment is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers.

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