How to get rid of the unpleasant appearance of Scar? Scar camouflage.

One way is to change the color and shades of scar tissue by applying pigments, this new technique is called Scar Tissue Pigmentation.

Thanks to our modern era and camouflage technique, today’s scars are no more a complicated mark of a bad experience.  In the past you have to live with it forever.

The scar tissues can be clearly treated by Micropigmentation. Inserting the pigments that match your skin color into the injured part of your body is the best way for getting rid of unwanted trauma.
Men and women who are suffering from hair transplant scars, surgical scars or even stretch marks due to childbirth and gaining or losing weight, can fall into this category and can enjoy this revolutionary method.
In fact, a scar is a damaged tissue due to loss of muscles or fat, the absence of sufficient collagen production in the area. So treating such a depressed structure needs years of performing scar camouflage on countless numbers of clients. At Royal Retreat Beauty and Spa, our professional aesthetic team not only has mastered of scar Micropigmentation but also is innovative and fully aware of the colors theory which is important in choosing the pigments.
On consultation day, your specialist will determine the exact area that needs to be treated and also she will give you the instruction of pretreatment and post treatment and follow up sessions. Depends on type of scar, level of the damages and size of the area, every patient needs different consultation, that’s why we advise our applicant to attend this session before the treatment day.
Medical Micro-pigmentation is an effective treatment for scar disguise for all skin types. By blending and inserting micro-colored pigments that match your skin tone, scars can be visibly diminished and removed.
On the day of the treatment, our aesthetic technician will clean and disinfected the area. Then the area will be numbed by topical anesthetic cream. The next step will be implanting the pigments under the skin.
The level of the treatment, final color outcome and pigments settlement depends on the thickness of the scar. Sometimes scars can reject the pigment, in this case, additional sessions will be required.

-When I can do scar treatment?
Once a scar has settled down and healed and approximately around a year after we are able to use pigments to improve and disguise the appearance of stretch mark scars.
-What type of scars can be removed by micro-pigmentation?
Scar tissue resulting from plastic surgery;
Scar tissue from hair implant
Scars from broken glass
Burn scars
Hypertrophic scars
-How many session is required?
Apparently, scar treatment will require more than one session and it is impossible to be completed in one year because the treatment area is damaged and needs a high level of attention. Over all, it generally takes between two to four sessions.
-Do I need to go back for follow up or touch up?
Yes, on your consultation, your practitioner will explain that after the scar micro pigmentation, the maintenance is required every 12 to 18 months and before applying for this treatment you must be motivated to follow those sessions.
-Is there any side effect?
No. if you follow up the instruction and post treatment care, there will not be any side effect or issue. The only thing you might expect during and after the procedure some redness will be visible around the area and perhaps some tiny breakage similar the original trauma. Generally, redness, inflammation and scabbing are a natural part of the healing process which won’t last more than four to seven days.
-How long will take till the result shows up?
The scar will not be disguised immediately after the initial treatment, in most cases, results are seen after 14 days.
– Would having scalp scar Micropigmentation allow me to cut my hair shorter?
We recommend you first to have a close-up test to see whether the scar tissue will accept the pigment or not. If the pigments settle, then absolutely yes, you can cut your hair and Since in Royal Retreat Beauty and Spa, we use only natural pigments


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