Some trends live short and some are long lasting. One of these durable styles is hair color gradient. Natural beauty and sun-kissed hair color is what the fashion world is recommending to its fans. We share the hottest and most popular techniques to guide you in the right direction:
This technique was created by aldo coppola, the Italian championship winner for women’s hair styling. Basically, it is an advanced method of lighting hair with a very natural effect. The hair stylist divides the hair into bundles and backcomb, then bleach the back comb followed by the bundles of hair one by one from the tip to the root to achieve a shade slightly lighter than the original.
In shatush, the hair colorist chooses your hair strands randomly and thickness of each bundle is based on your demand.
The advantage of this lightening technique is that you can refresh your hair color every often with the minimal damage on the main body of the hair and the root. Plus, it suits all type of hair as well as the colors from black to brunet to blond and from thick to thin. The result on thin hair is voluminous and shiny look.
Although Shatush might seem an easy method, in fact, only expert hair stylist can apply this method. Because this technique is a foil-free sort of lightening hairs and it is very important to keep each strand separate than other and control the level of dimming the bundles to get a result of sunlight shiny and shaded lines with no visible difference between the colored part and the virgin hair color.
Therefore, if you are planning to have this technique, make sure you take your first step right and choose a professional Shatush hair stylist. Also, don’t hesitate to ask about the brand of the products and color that he/she is going to apply on your hair.
At royal retreat spa, we choose honesty as a best way to keep our business up and we understand the value of our customers so we always consume the high quality and well-known brands included loreal, pravanas, daviness, fanola , schwartzkopf , igora royal and etc.

Ombre is a French-origin word which means “Shade”. This style is known as one of the hottest hair fashion and seems to be a big hit between celebrities, such as kim kardashian, halle berry, elizabeth olsen, jesicca alba and so more.
Generally, ombre is a process of transforming dark shade in the root faded to the lighter down by bleaching the hair from end to the mid part of the bundles with the shade of completing the original color and it aims to give a natural look to the hair. Frankly speaking, this style works better on brunettes, yet at the end of the day, it is a unique style that suits all hair textures.
The advantage of ombre is its wide variety and being easy maintained and basically with this trend, you don’t need regular touch up every two or three months since the root remains flawless and untouched.
This technique is mostly considered as a synonym of ombre by mistake, while balayage is a technique and Ombre is a trend. Balayage falls into highlights/low light category and it is known as hair’s hand painting
In this technique, the bleach and the color are applied from end to the root with different shades to create a combination of amazing multi-shaded.
The difference between this method with ombre and Shatush is the way of applying the color and the shades. To get a balayage, the hair expert, sweep the color through small triangle sections of the hair that he makes in advance, onto a piece of foil and the bottom of the hair stays darker in order to give natural sun-kissed highlights throughout the hair.
Balayage is not an easy technique and our professional stylists in trained by famous and international trainers to get certified in the art of hair painting.

Since summer is fast approaching in UAE, what is better than having a silky gleaming hair? If you are planning to get a hot sun kissed look along with keeping your natural beauty don’t miss the chance to share your favorite style with our hair specialist at Royal Retreat Beauty Salon and Spa in Dubai to start your summer with a dozen of compliments and love.


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