VelaShape™ II

VelaShape™ II

The VelaShape Difference

VelaShape™ is a safe and effective treatment recognized and approved by the FDA to slenderize, shape, and smooth the shape of your body by attacking stubborn cellulite deposits. In fact, it is the only treatment recognized officially to do this with only four or more treatment sessions. The difference is not only in the results. VelaShape™ uses the latest bi-polar radiofrequency infrared light energy combined with mechanical massage and vacuum suction to facilitate the body’s change.

The vacuum and massage rollers help to create a smoother skin surface. Precision heating works to boost metabolism and breakdown of the fat cells that cause cellulite’s appearance. Every aspect of the treatment works synergistically together to boost energy metabolism, improve drainage of the lymphatic system, and minimize the look of cellulite.

End results include:

Your skin gets smoother at a natural, gradual pace as the cellulite is minimized
The area of cellulite deposits reduces and the treatment area changes shape

Clinical research studies conducted in multiple locations have shown that 85% of patients have seen a reduction in thigh circumference of 1cm to 7.2cms.

Improve your appearance, fit into your favorite clothes, and boost your self-confidence with VelaShape™ treatments.

Why Choose VelaShape?

You can trust VelaShape™ to deliver a reduction in the circumference and appearance of cellulite deposits. If you are not convinced, consider these facts:

It is the ONLY non-invasive, medical procedure approved by the FDA for that purpose.
VelaShape™ works no matter what type or color of skin you have.
This totally safe and effective solution uses precision heating at the target zone.
Virtually no pain and no downtime at all. You can return to work or play immediately.

Everyone is talking about VelaShape™ II. With the FDA backing it and clients recommending it with glowing praise, it is no wonder that popular media has joined the wave. It has been spoken of on Oprah, Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, The Doctors, Rachel Ray, and in print and online magazines Woman, Allure, Natural Health, Shape, More, and the Wall Street Journal.

With VelaShape™, you can make effective changes to your body with no resting or recovery period needed.
A great reduction in the appearance of stubborn cellulite.
Tones and tightens loose or baggy skin
Great for smoothing after weight loss
Lose even more inches after lipo procedures

The VelaShape™ procedure is proven effective, safe, and ideal for those with busy lives.

Getting VelaShape II Treatments

Preparations Before VelaShape

Getting ready for your own VelaShape™ treatment is simple and quick. Your physician or the administering professional should also give you these and other guidelines as necessary for your particular patient case.

Refrain from taking aspirin, Gingko Biloba, Vitamin E, and prescription blood thinners for 48 hours before the procedure.
Take a regular shower before treatment commences
Do not use body or hand cream, lotions, sunscreen, or other skin treatments after the shower.
Choose comfortable clothing that is not tight or binding. Skin can experience some irritation after treatment, and loose outfits will be more comfortable.
Eat only small amounts at least two or three hours before your treatment time. VelaShape™ works better on looser skin, so a tight, full belly is not condusive.
Hydrate well for 24 to 48 hours before treatment. This helps your metabolism deal with the destroyed fat cells more effectively. There is no need to drink to excess directly before the treatment.
Tell the physician or treatment counselor of every medication, prescription and over-the-counter, as well as supplements, vitamins, and minerals you take prior to your appointment.

Care Plan After VelaShape

While the procedure requires no downtime, and you can get right back to work or regular activity, it is recommended to follow this simple after-care plan.

Delay your exercise routine for 24 hours. All other normal daily activities are perfectly fine immediately following the VelaShape™ treatment appointment. You may experience a bit of site soreness, but that should go away quickly.
Do not drink alcohol for 24 hours
Do drink lots of fresh water to rehydrate and facilitate the lymphatic system function that processes the fat cell materials out of your body.
Eat small meals more frequently for three or four days after the procedure. This prevents excessive stretching of the stomach area that may interfere with the maximum metabolism process.

Make a Follow Up Plan With Your Doctor

As with any medical or cosmetic procedure, it is important to follow up with your doctor. Also, you can perform certain self-improvement tasks to facilitate even greater change in conjunction with the VelaShape™ treatment.

Maintenance or spot-help treatments should occur every week for a month or two
Ongoing maintenance may be recommended by the doctor or technician
Proper diet and hydration habits help VelaShape™ make more noticeable body contouring effects over time.
Other than the 24 hours post-treatment, exercise is recommended around VelaShape™ procedures.

Reasons to Avoid VelaShape Treatments

Women who are pregnant or trying to get pregnant should stay away from VelaShape™ treatments until 6 weeks post childbirth.

Breastfeeding mothers should wait until the child is weaned.

People with severe heart conditions, internal defibrillators, and pacemakers should avoid VelaShape™ procedures. While no known threats exist, no overwhelming evidence of safety for medically delicate people exist either.

Diabetics have a reduced ability to naturally filter out fat cell contents through the lymph nodes and ducts, which is the natural method your body uses post VelaShape™. This reduces the effectiveness of the treatment.

Those with thyroid conditions can have similar problems.

Those suffering from skin cancer, potentially malignant blemishes, and any active skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, rashes, or herpes should avoid VelaShape™ or discuss the possibility of its use with their medical team first.

People with tattoos or superficial metal implants must avoid VelaShape™.

Ingesting excess caffeine, alcohol, or any other drugs or medications that interfere with lymphatic drainage will not be helped as much by VelaShape™. Always consult your regular physicians before signing up for treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does VelaShape™ get rid of cellulite and fat?

VelaShape uses a combination of methods working in concert that target fatty deposits and cellulite and break it down so the body naturally flushes it away. The energy combination is called elōs™, and it uses heat, vacuum power, and physical massage to smooth your figure.

Which parts of my body can benefit from the VelaShape™ treatment?

The most common areas treated with VSmooth and VContour applicators are the buttocks and thighs. They treat large and small places respectively, so your treatment facilitator can help you with any place you want to reduce circumference and achieve smoother physique.

Will I notice a difference right away? How long will it take?

The improvements seen with VelaShape are gradual yet noticeable. You will already see changes with the first treatment to how your body looks and feels. The process continues over time. After multiple treatment appointments, it may take six to eight weeks for the final changes to occur.

How much of a change in circumference can I expect?

Clinical research studies have considerable changes reported of up to 1 inch after patients completed the entire series of treatments. In trials for FDA approval, the reduction in circumferences ranged from .5 to 3 inches.

Can I do anything to maximize and maintain the results I get from VelaShape™?

Multiple treatment sessions are recommended to maximize the changes possible with VelaShape. After several close appointments are done, ongoing maintenance procedures will help your body look its best for the long term. Proper diet, hydration, and exercise are always recommended as well.

Am I a good candidate for this treatment type?

Most adults young and older, male and female, are eligible for VelaShape™ treatments. Of course, ask your physician before scheduling an appointment, and make sure you do not have any of the contraindications listed above. You can also ask the cosmetic surgeon or VelaShape™ treatment specialist for details.

What does it feel like? Will it hurt?
Patients report no or very little discomfort during a VelaShape™ session. The overall feeling is of deep heating and physical massage, which can be quite calming and pleasant to some. If you are at any time uncomfortable during the procedure, the person administering it can adjust things. After the treatment is completed, it is not unusual to still feel the heat and a bit of soreness like you would after a deep tissue massage.

What does recovery feel like? Will I need to take off work?

Other than the afore-mentioned soreness and some reddened skin, there are no real after effects of the VelaShape™ treatment sessions. There is no reason you cannot return to work and normal activities right away.

How does VelaShape™ compare to other types of procedure out there?

Most of the difference comes down to the interesting advancements in technology. The VelaShape™ system utilizes infrared light, bi-polar RL, mechanical massage, combined with vacuum power. All of these methods work together to create the most effective way of minimizing cellulite appearance guaranteed. With clinical proof and FDA approval behind it, VelaShape™ rises above other options.

Is VelaShape™ really safe for me to use?

FDA approval states clearly that this treatment system is safe for most people without serious health concerns, or those who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Adults of all ages, sexes, and skin colors can use VelaShape™ with no or very minor problems like sore muscles and temporarily reddened skin.


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