What is Protein Hair treatment?

Protein Hair treatment from Brazil is a Smoothing technique for those
seeking frizz-free, extreme brightness, ultra-shiny and manageable hair.
The combination of açaí oil and arginine deliver deep hydration and
nutrition to the hair, restore and strengthen hair against heat, humid and
any damage is the plus advantage.
This rich formulation is adding nutrients mainly keratin to the hair while reducing
frizz and resulting shiny, super soft, healthy hair up to 4 months.
Suitable for all types of hair.

Royal Retreat Spa is promoting Protein Hair treatment in Dubai as one of the latest techniques to help your hair look fabulous and ultra-shiny.



  • Revitalise layers
  • Smoother, stronger hair
  • No more frizz
  • Moisture and damage repaired

Quick Info

  •  Revitalize layers
  • Smoother, stronger hair
  •  No more frizz
  •  Moisture and damage repaired