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Royal Retreat Beauty and Spa
located in Dubai, located in Alwasl Road, Jumeira 1
has an available position for licensed and experienced senior lady hairstylist and colorist with at least 7 years of professional experience. Committed to clean work station and inspect yourself before any inspector put remark on your area of responsibility Working hours 9.30 am to 8.00 pm plus over time if there is client inside spa

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Hair stylist job description
Job description

  1. To report directly to the salon manager and owner
  2. To coordinate schedule of the guest with the receptionist.
  3. To ask the preferred hair style/color/service for the guest to provide.
  4. To ensure client understanding about charges, after care, home care and follow ups.
  5. To ensure client understood properly the detail of service she is going to receive
  6. Responsible to provide photo and video of her work for marketing
  7. Responsible to receive client’s review on spa Google page, Facebook fan page and website
  8. To ensure proper and excellent service with the guest.
  9. To assure guest satisfaction is met by asking her questions.
  10. To ensure about cleaning and sterilizing of salon equipment, tools, brushes and all are done daily base. Based on municipality rules and regulation requirements.
  11. Responsible to clean and sanitize all tools, equipments, brushes and all at the time of leaving work station.
  12. To ensure that the salon is neat and tidy all the time.
  13. To ensure that the cabinets and shelves are cleaned every daily.
  14. To ensure that there is enough supplies of products in the salon.
  15. To follow up bookings and appointments are confirmed every day before leave and next day by phoning clients.
  16. To promote the salon “Special Packages” and up sell salon and spa products and items in other sections
  17. To assist the guest to the salon reception and make sure the payment is done accordingly
  18. To Recommend and sell products to all salon guest
  19. To avoid discussing Sex, Religion & Politics with guests and colleagues at all time
  20. To attend all provided training as requested by the management or needed to be done.
  21. To ensure of all safety and security procedures and carefulness before leaving spa every day and after each treatment before leaving the treatment room.
  22. To perform all tasks as requested by the management.
  23. To strictly adhere to the spa’s policy on confidentiality and ethics. 
  24. To promote teamwork within the department and ensure equality at workplace is maintained without sexual and race discrimination and harassment.
  25. To check and place the order for the products in time, means before it ends.
  26. To pamper the guest if there is any situation in the absence of the manager as if she is present.
  27. To maintain inventory of salon products and home care supplies.
  28. To make sure the store is been arranged properly.
  29. To be always there for the staff in their needs.
  30. To make sure the monthly inventory is done.
  31. To report for duty in good time, clean & tidy and wearing the correct department uniform
  32. Follow the policies and procedures of the spa.
  33. To be responsible in the absence of the manager.