Scalp Micro pigmentation With Nano Dots  Will Boost Your Confidence 

A high percentage of men and women experience hair loss at one stage in their lives due to some reasons such as hormonal changes, genetic factors, medication, scalp surgeries, chemotherapy, dying hair and so more. Regardless of the gender, this unpleasant incident can make individual looks beyond the age and to some stage can be depressing.

Nowadays there are two ways of hair restoration for those are fighting against hair lost or hair thinning, surgical and Non-Surgical. Yet, surgical solution or hair transplant is expensive, painful and frequently leave extensive scarring and usually, there is no guarantee for long-term results.  

Besides, there is unique, painless, safe and affordable non-surgical method which calls Nano Dots Micropigmentation or Hair Simulation. This medical hair line pigmentation is an ideal way of applying natural pigments on the scalp and in a real meaning is a life-changing treatment that can reproduce the natural appearance of a shaved head or density of hair strands that can help to improve the self-confidence of an individual.

In Royal Retreat Beauty & Spa, we apply this method as best kind of treatment in the world by using the natural pigments and insert it under the scalp up to the epidermis, to create a natural look, our technicians are fully educated and qualified for micro-pigmentation and Permanent make up.

Everyone who wishes to have scalp pigmentation first must attend to the consultation. During the session, our professional technician will check the patients’ medical experience and explains all the details and process of scalp tattooing, pretreatment, post-treatment and home care. Also, she will obtain the applicant acceptance signature.

On the day of the treatment, in advance of the process, our aesthetic technician, cleans dries and disinfected the scalp and treatment area and performs an allergic test. Then she will determine the exact desired area for micro pigmentation and will divide it into different sections base on the thickness of the skin on each part.

The next step is to insert the pigments under the epidermis with a specific painless machine which takes between 30 minutes to 2 hours depends on the size of treated area. This method is possible on all part of the head.

The important point to note is at the day of the treatment, the applicant must avoid wetting and wiping the treated area before going to the aesthetic center, direct sun light for a long time, scratching, peeling and using creams or other materials on the scalp.   


According to the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, the thickness of the layers of the scalp is different in the bald and normal people, and also in every gender and age.  The scalp skin is considered as some of the thickest skin of our body measuring up to 8mm in thickness and it sustains more blood vessels than the rest of the skin.

The thickness of our head’s skin is different in each part. For example, the thickness of the skin in forehead area is 1.43 mm and in the temple is less than this amount and at the occipital part, the thickness is around 8 mm. This fact can lead the technician to how to apply the pigments in each part.

The treatment process includes placing the natural pigments into the scalp and each follicle is individually simulated by a professional technician which requires lots of concentration, that’s why in Royal Retreat Beauty and Spa, the treatment is generally completes over two or three sessions with a short break (around 3 weeks) between each session for letting the scalp to rest and the pigments to settle.

Usually, a total coverage can be done in the first session for most of the applicants and the following sessions are to retouch and refine the result; however, the adjustment will be done only for hair line design correction or tone modification, since some areas of a scalp absorb the pigments differently. In refine session, the pigmentation process will not be repeated on the treated area to avoid the color’s saturation or any other unwanted issue.

Despite, eyebrows micropigmentation, in scalp Nano dots pigmentation, the color of the pigments will not be faded, but it will be darker by time.  

If an applicant is planning to have micropigmentation for whole his or her scalp, then at list 3 to 4 session is required to achieve the desired look.

Post Treatment:
As soon as your treatment sessions are done, you might experience some redness in the treated area and the pigment might seem dark at the beginning, but don’t worry, the redness will disappear in one day and pigments color will stabilize.

In the last session of treatment, your beautician will give you an after care anti-shine cream along with a home care instruction that you need to take it into consideration to avoid any unwanted scars or infection.  

There are several things to be avoided, up to three days after your treatment such as sweating, soaking, showering and shampooing your head. Also, you should stop your daily work out on first 10 days after treatment, such as running, cardio, weight lifting or any other gym activities. Basically, you should limit your movement to a simple walking around the house or normal daily office tasks.

For any kind of water sport, swimming, sauna you need to wait at least 30 days and for sun tanning, you should protect your scalp by a sun screen forever.


Who should avoid hair simulation?

Scalp micropigmentation is absolutely forbidden for the following patients:

  1. Patients undergoing Chemotherapy
  2. Patients who suffer from blood clotting issues.
  3. Patients who suffer from HIV & hepatitis.
  4. Patients who suffer from Epilepsy.
  5. Diabetes patients.
  6. Albinos.
  7. Patients who suffer from heart, liver and blood pressure problems.
  8. Alcoholics and drug Abusers.
  9. A person while taking antibiotics.

-Who can benefit of Scalp Micropigmentation?

  • Hair transplant scars
  • Crown Balding
  • Hairline Receding
  • Complete or Near Complete Hair Loss
  • Alopecia
  • Cancer Survivors
  • Diffused hair loss

-Is Hair Follicle Simulation suitable for all kind of skin color?

Yes, it is. From African to American, Latino, Asian and mixed-race can befit of this amazing invention. In Royal Retreat Beauty & Spa, our professional aesthetic technician is completely familiar with Color’s theory. The light brown pigment is suitable for light skin tone and light hair (blond hair), Honey brown shade for white skin and red hair and honey ginger. Dark brown pigment for the light brown medium skin and brown hair color, Brown/Black pigments for dark-skinned to very dark.  Medium gray pigment for light skin with gray hair, Dark gray pigment for dark-skinned with gray hair.

-Is Nano Dots scalp Pigmentation suitable for all ages?

Yes, there is no age limit for this treatment.

-Is scalp pigmentation permanent?

Although for this treatment we “permanent” term, but actually it lasts for 4 to 5 years, then may need touch up.  In this case, there are some factors can affect such as the tone of the pigments (the lighter the color the faster fades) and how well you take care of the treated area. For the treated scars fading happens more quickly because it is not a healthy tissue and mostly does not carry the ink as well as healthy skin.

3How long will take till the result shows up?

The more the dots are delicate; the better is the result which mostly takes 6 month to shown.

4- Can I color my hair before Hair follicle simulation?

Yes, but it should be 6-7 days prior to your treatment and also you must wash and rinse your scalp from the color at least 2 time before the first session, so no color can be visible on the treatment area.

5- Can I color my hair after the treatment?

Yes, however you need to wait at least 14 days after the last treatment till your scalp’s skin restore its self.  

6- Can I do Hot Oil treatment after the scalp pigmentation?

Yes, only if the hair treatment is limited to the cuticle and the entire part of the hair, but NOT to the ROOT.  

7- Can I do steam hair treatment after follicle simulation?

No. You should avoid any kind of hair treatment, especially hair steaming, at least up to 14 days after the hair simulation. Since the scalp skin is thicker and the number of the sebum glands (the glands in the skin that secrete an oily matter) is more than the the rest of the body, it will take time till the pigments settle, so you should avoid using any kind of hair chemical products.

8- Can I use Hair Fiber Powder the treatment?

No, at least till 2 weeks you should avoid using the hair fiber powder, because it can affect the pigment color.

9- Can I cut or shave my hair after the hair follicle simulation?

No! It is better to wait at least 14 days until the treated area heals itself completely. After this period of time, make sure your hair stylist or barber use disinfected tools.

10-What if I have scalp irritation after the treatment?

Honestly, if you follow home care instruction carefully and avoid the activities and the products that mentioned above the irritation will be unlikely. Yet, in case of any unwanted infection or issue, you should contact with your technician as soon as possible.  



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