What is the  Right Way To Apply Cream On Face?

It might sound strange when you hear about the right way to apply the cream to your face. This article helps you to learn the correct way to have shiny and healthy skin. The main idea of using a face cream is to heal the dryness and to protect skin from exposure of the chemical elements, especially in sensitive areas such as eyes lids; nose, and chin. Here are the recommended steps for you:

STEP 1: Squeeze a small amount of cream on your finger and rub it slightly between your fingers that help to equate the cream's temperature and body temperature and absorb easier.
STEP 2: Tap the cream on the most sensitive and dried area and pat it in a circle way and repeat the first step, this time dab the cream on your cheeks and move downward to upward like a swap. Remember don’t apply the cream from up to down. Your fingers should
move in opposite side skin sagging.


STEP 3: Dab the cream on your forehead and spread it very gently in a circle way. Then move
towards your neck and chest, apply the cream and massage it softly. If you are sleeping on
your side and you see some mark on your breast every morning, apply the cream on the
mention area to avoid wrinkles.

STEP 4: For your eyes, you need to use eye cream, because the skin around the eyes are by
far thinner than another part of the face and at the same time it is involved in many of our
daily facial expressions. So, using specific cream to protect this area to avoid aging is
mandatory. To apply eye cream, it is recommended to use ring finger (the weakest finger).
Tap the cream by 1 cm below your eyes from your inner part of the eyes to the outer and
continue patting till it absorbs. Remember to avoid spreading the cream around your eyes,
tapping can be enough.

Still, there are many details can be found for show how creams reacting with skin according to the applying methods and what is the right way to apply cream on face.


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