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What is Paramedical Areola Treatment?

Paramedical Areola treatment is a kind of cosmetic tattoo, also known as micro-pigmentation, which basically implants pigment in the outmost layer of skin, the epidermis.

These cosmetic tattoos are done to provide a finishing touch to surgical marks, camouflaging scars and burns, and are highly effective alternative for nipple reconstruction.

How does Paramedical Areola Treatment/ Cosmetic Tattoo Work?

Cosmetic Tattoo/ pigmentation is able to break up scar tissue and recolor it to achieve the shade closest to your natural skin tone and helps to improve your appearance and re-establishing confidence in women who have already had to experience a huge deal of stress and trauma.

Royal Retreat Beauty and Spa’s micro-pigmentation artist Paris Faraji is a well known, skilled artist and a leader in this field, and she is a stern believer of maintaining high standards in every aspect of her work.

Our paramedical Areola reconstruction/pigmentation skills are targeted on:

  • Pale Areolas
  • Areola after breast reduction
  • Areola and nipple after breast implant and Mastectomy
  • Surgery scars
  • Cleft lips
  • Alopecia
  • Skin burns
  • Birthmarks

What is the Paramedical Areola Treatment procedure?

For all above mentioned skills we use Nouveau contour and ORON60digital machines.

ORON60 is the flagship instrument of NPM International USA, an extremely powerful and quiet machine, sharp as well as accurate in its performance. The large variety of needles and pigments will provide our customers unlimited options. Our work stations are highly hygienic and sterile. Our equipments are CE certificate and ISO standard; the Neauveau Contour and ORON60 devices are registered as authorized medical equipments and are globally well known as powerful and standard cosmetic equipments.

With the Neauveau Contour, Oron60 and Paris Faraji technique, we deliver to our customers a 3D natural tattooing effect, a “Visual illusion of reality“.

Mentioned treatments are suitable for clients who have had breast reconstruction, camouflaging scars or birthmarks also to recreate a natural looking nipple and areola after an implant.


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