Olaplex hair treatments are one of the best ways to cure your hair. Olaplex no 3 before and after.

Olaplex-No.3-royal-retreat-DubaiApparently, highlight or coloring the hair cause damages and early hair aging, because in the process of bleaching or changing the color, the bonds of the breaks and it results in hair weakness. However, these days still you can have healthy hair on your balayage look or ombre or status by using the right before and after care product.

If you are one of those women who likes to have different look every often, take my advice and avoid using the hair care products that contain silicones, sulfates, phythalates, DEA and aldehydes. Because these toxic ingredients which mostly you can find in the commercial shampoos or hair conditioner break down the protein of the hair and remove the essential oil that the scalp needs to stay healthy.

Therefore, for going through the process of styling your hair the first thing you should do is choosing a trustable beauty salon and followed by, is to make sure about the products that they are using and you can ask your hair colorist idea about the aftercare shampoo and conditioner.

In regards, one the best hair perfection that I ever saw and tried is Olaplex hair treatment. This treatment product can restore the broken bonds and revitalized the poorly conditioned hair damaged by chemical, thermal or mechanical effect.

OLAPLEX INGREDIENTSolaplex-treatment-by-royal-retreat-spa-Dubai:

Olaplex hair treatment is a single operative ingredient which calls” Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate”. In fact, this single active element has two reactive ends that break the link of single sulfur hydrogen bonds cause by bleaching or coloring to form of disulfide bonds before, during and after a process of hair styling. Perhaps, that’s why this product refers to a magical hair product.


Fortunately, this product can be used either in the salon by your colorist or at home or even both. Basically, Olaplex treatment has 3 easy steps. The first step which refers to Olaplex No.1 is the bond multiplier, Olaplex No.2 calls bond perfector, these two steps should be applied to your hair by colorist during the process.

The step Olaplex 3 which is hair perfector, actually considered as the last step that can be used at home to protect the hair from ongoing damages. The last step is as important as the first two, since using hair perfector, prevent the hair trends from dryness or breakage and achieves a healthy and shiny look on your trendy hairstyle. You can find about Olaplex 3 direction and instructions to use at home by calling Royal Retreat Beauty salon and spa.  


The outstanding nature of this hair protection, boom the hair fashion market and became like insurance for the beauty salons all over the world. This brand presents the most world-famous hair stylist as its ambassador including Tracey Cunningham, Guy Tang, Justin Anderson, Chad Kenyon, Riawna Capri, Bianca Hilier, Niki Lee & Munir.

CELEBRITIES USING OLAPLEX:Olaplex-No.3-royal-retreat-Dubai

Olaplex hair treatment not only grabs the hair artist attraction but also steal the celebrities heart away. Catt Sadler, told E! News “I love Olaplex treatment for my hair. I use it once a week and it works,” color us intrigued”. Kate Hudson, Emma Stone, Rees Witherspoon, Kim Kardashian, Jeniffer Lopez, Jennifer Lawrence, Abigale Spencer and much more that will not fit in this content.



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