Microblading and Micropigmentation come across as similar treatments however they are actually worlds apart.

Those looking for semi-permanent makeup for eyebrows in Dubai, often find it hard to choose between Micro beading and Micropigmentation. We have a wide range of eyebrows treatments to choose from, but it gets confusing when you have to select which treatment works best.

From the outside, both Microblading and Micropigmentation come across as similar treatments however they are actually worlds apart. Let’s understand each and find out which is a better choice for semi-permanent makeup for eyebrows.

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Micro beading vs Micropigmentation

Micro beading

It is the latest technique in doing semi-permanent makeup for eyebrows. The process is carried out with a bunch of thin, needle shaped blades, stuck together, which helps to create extra thin and delicate strokes in skin’s epidermis.

Micro beading in Dubai is a very good choice for virgin eyebrows and hairless brows. The thin strokes create a 3D effect and illusion of real hair. This treatment will not give optimum results if you use it over old tattooed brows.

You can expect your micropigmentation treatment to last for up to 16 months, depending on your skin type, lifestyle and home care; after which it starts fading gradually. But to keep the results intact, you will need one or two retouches in a month’s gap.


Micropigmentation in Dubai is done with rotary pen and digital machine. It uses Micro and Nano needles to create strokes or coloring. The strokes are drawn in lower layers of the epidermis.

The treatment is suitable for all skin types except old tattooed eyebrows with strong undertone. It is advisable to first have a consultation with the semi-permanent makeup artist, as it helps you prepare for the process.

Results of micropigmentation last for up to 8-16 months, based on your skin type, aftercare and lifestyle. However, you will need first touch up session after 4 weeks of your first micro pigmentation treatment. If you have oily skin, you may need the second touch up in 4 weeks time after the first. You can get a touch up whenever you feel your eyebrows are getting lighter.

Making The Choice

Both Micropigmentation and Microblading treatment process takes 2 hours to complete. The treatments are completely painless as the artist applies numbing products on the treated area.

In Micropigmentation, the needle penetrates the pigment under the skin more efficiently, right in the first session whereas the same is not possible in Microblading. This is why Micropigmentation looks more delicate and crisp; however, Microblading is known to offer natural and more beautiful results.

At the Royal Retreat Beauty and Spa Dubai, we offer both the treatments for semi-permanent makeup for eyebrows. You can see Microblading before and after here. We have experienced artists, certified and licensed from international reputed trademarks.

Our experts suggest going for a consultation first before making the choice, as this helps the artist in determining the right treatment for you based on your skin type.

Consult our Micropigmentation and Micro beading specialist today and read about our client’s reviews – call us on 043447540, 043442540 or 043447530, and you’ll be one step closer to the eyebrows you’ve always wanted.

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