Best Maderotherapy & Cellulite treatment in Dubai

Try the celebrity’s special slimming massage that uses wooden tools to eliminate cellulite, shape curves, lift the skin and stimulate muscles.

Our Anti cellulite massage results are guaranteed.


Since beginning of 2019 that we brought Maderotherapy to Dubai it become the best slimming treatment in Dubai. Our clients are crazy about it and become their no.1 favorite anti-cellulite and body shaping treatment. They keep renewing their Maderotherapy packages because it’s a fabulous result-oriented therapy. There is more to this technique, as it is also used to get rid of body fat, increase metabolism, detoxifying through activating lymphatic drainage.

This holistic massage that originates from Colombia goes beyond a normal one, it triggers your lymphatic system and causing your blood circulation to improve. Releasing the water retention is also another great outcome of Maderotherapy. The process targets the areas with the most stored fat deposits (i.e., stomach, glutes, thighs, sides, arms, and back). The result has been proved itself among 100s of our client’s feedback that it’s not only help you get rid of fats and shape the body, but it also helps with loose skin!


Why Choose Us?
Our spa works with the best of Maderotherapy specialists in Dubai to ensure the most relaxing and miraculous results for our clients. Master Paris Faraji and her team of certified specialists are one of the most highly experienced in the field. The use of original, anti-allergic, specialized tools plus the many hours of professional training will benefit you in many ways. Maderotherapy at Royal Retreat Spa is offered in a variety of packages that you can choose based on your preference, target, and body type. You can benefit from our services in a way that is customized to you, our body, and your needs.

In conjunction to Maderotherapy, Royal Retreat Spa can enhance your weight-loss and body shaping experience with our Velashape II service, one of the latest and best body sculpturing technologies available globally. Because we care about giving our clients choices and also give you more options to get the body you desire. Finish off your excellent experience in our Moroccan Hammam and Sauna for the perfect day!

We have some of the best Massage specialists in Dubai available to help our clients reach their target body goals. If you are searching for an easy way to lose some weight, sculpt and tighten your body, Royal Retreat Team offers one the very advance and best Maderotherapy in UAE. Get your free consultation with our expert team today and feel it yourself!
⦁ Experienced and professionally trained masseuses
⦁ Packages that suit every client’s need
⦁ A relaxing experience that benefits your body in many ways
⦁ An easy and hassle-free anti-cellulite treatment
⦁ Gives you your desired body shape in a short period of time


Maderotherapy sessions are typically about 60 minutes, and a minimum of 5 sessions are advised for good results. An in-depth consultation is our success key to deliver you the best result of Maderotherapy. Also, maintenance sessions are suggested to clients after finishing their main package in order to keep result last longer.

Book your first treatment today and experience the best anti cellulite treatment in Dubai by our expert team.


How much is Maderotherapy in Dubai?
To check the price of Maderotherapy please visit our price list and Maderotherapy packages pages.
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Can I lose fat or cellulite with Maderotherapy?
Yes. There are other measures to take (such as improving diet, exercise plan, and lifestyle) to get rid of fat and cellulite, however, Maderotherapy does its part and is a major help.

What are the benefits of Maderotherapy?
Anti-cellulite – body toning and tightening – removal of toxins – increasing metabolism – relaxation – stimulates blood circulation

Does Maderotherapy cause pain?
No! you may feel slight pressure during your first experience with Maderotherapy, but this is only because your body is not used to 1 or two of tools and pressure. Otherwise, it is quite relaxing.

Should Maderotherapy cause pain and bruises?
Maderotherapy can cause some light bruises and fatigue at the first few days due to the usage of tools, only in some clients and it’s related mainly to skin texture. Daily practices, our client reports and our skilled team observation says that bruises and discomfort won’t last longer than second session which is most likely withing 5-7 days.

Does Maderotherapy work with 1 session?
While one session of Maderotherapy can be beneficial and some result will be so obvious, the slimming massage needs continuous treatments to maintain lasting results and it’s suggested to complete the cycle of at least 5 sessions in consecutive order of once/twice per week.

Who can do Maderotherapy?
This method is almost harmless for everyone. However, if you are pregnant, right out of surgery, or uncomfortable with a serious medical condition, it is advised to consult a physician before booking an appointment.

Do Maderotherapy results last?
You can use different ways to maintain your results after slimming wood therapy. These include exercise and diet correction. However, one or two sessions every month are suggested to keep your body as it is.

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