Lip Blush or Lip Tattoo

The implantation of semi-permanent pigment into the lip using a Lip Blush or Lip Tattoo technique is intended to give the lip a fuller shape and more shade.

Lip blush tattoo before and after images


What is lip blushing, and how does it work?

The luscious lips you always wanted are now available in the fastest and easiest way possible with the new Lip Blushing technique. Older methods like lip fillers and injections can be avoided with this new, modern one. The tiresome use of lipsticks and other lip makeup products to cover up uneven shape and pale lips could be over with this temporary lip tattoo in Dubai! Lip Blushing is growing in popularity among those who want fuller lips, a naturally even lip shade, and the look of perfect lips.

Lip Blush covers a variety of colors, and can change your lip shape using pigment, as well as giving it a natural tone. While most clients go for light shades and “nude” from lip blushing colors selected from lip blushing color chart, some choose to go for bolder pigments that emphasize their lips. The best part about this technique is that it can be removed and/or corrected!

Lip blushing on dark lips is another topic, which experts can handle properly, but there are some reports that non-authorized practitioners caused problems and lip blushing gone wrong. Our therapists are fully trained and certified to deliver best results without any issue.

Why Choose Us for Lip tattoo?

Lip Blush or lip tattoo at its finest is offered in Royal Retreat Spa. The professional team is experienced, fully trained, and ready to give you a service you will never forget. From Lip Blushing itself to lip color correction, the spa uses the finest tools and products. 

The certified professionals at Royal Retreat Spa can consult you on the lip shape and color that best fit your skin tone and facial features. The pigments chosen by Paris Faraji for the technique are FDA approved and ECHA compliant and the highest quality ones available in the market today.

 While you may experience chapped lips after your tattoo, we offer the most hassle-free work to ensure your lip is healing smooth and quick. Lip Blushing in Dubai is best practiced by the distinguishable artists in Royal Retreat Spa. Our clients from all over the UAE and abroad are very happy to have come to us for this semi-permanent lip tattoo method. Certified, experienced, and talented artists in the field of pigmentation.

Lots of successful clients in Dubai and all over the UAE for both blushing and correction
FDA approved and ECHA compliant pigments and best tools.
FREE Consultation from our masters to give you the illusion of the voluminous and luscious lips that best fits you.


  • Consultation and consent form to start the appointment
  • The use of pre-numbing agent to prepare for the process
  • Mapping the shape of lips that best fits our client’s face
  • Preparing the lip pigment that suits the client’s skin tone
  • Blushing the lips in a painless, non-irritating process in the span of 2 sessions of 2.30 hours.


How much is the lip blushing price with the Paris Faraji team at Royal Retreat Spa? 
Please check out here to know about the charges to know how much does lip blushing cost?

Can you do Lip Blushing after fillers?
Yes, though you must wait for about 4 weeks after your injection. It’s recommended to do it a few days before filler injections.

Does Lip Blushing need touch-ups?
Retouches are required to maintain your initial results. The first mandatory retouch is usually 30-35 days after the first session and other touch ups can be done as the pigment on the lip gets lighter.

Is lip blushing painful?
Paris Faraji cares about her clients and always offers high quality and strong pre-numbing agents before treatment and during the job to make it painless, so it will not hurt you.

How long does lip blush tattoo last?
Depending on your skin and personal care, the color lasts on average for 3 years, with retouches.

What should I do before my session?
Keep your lips soft and hydrated, and avoid using blood thinning food (coffee and alcohol) or medication.

What are the Lip Blushing aftercare steps?
Do not use any makeup for 48 hours
Avoid swimming and sweating for 7-10 days
Do not do sun tanning
Use aftercare balms as recommended by your artist

Is Lip Blushing and Lip Tattoo the same?
No. Lip Blushing is a more natural, semi-permanent approach to lip tattoo. It has a more natural look and doesn’t require as much commitment as an actual lip tattoo

Can I use lipstick after the Lip Blushing treatment?
No makeup product is to be used right after your treatment; however, the pigment will only enhance the lipstick shade once your lips have fully healed.

Are swollen lips normal after the treatment?
To an extent, yes. If your lips become swollen it won’t last longer than a few hours, however the Lip Blushing technique is so soft that the swelling is so soft and not noticeable.