Balayage and Ombre are two of the latest hair colour trends in Dubai. These beautiful hair coloring techniques showcase the very best in popular hair looks, and have the ability to enhance the appearance of your hair and hair cut.

Ombre Hair Color

This is a method of transitioning your hair from dark to light by using bleach and it works best as a hair colour changer on brunettes.

It acts like colour blocking on the hair and, depending on how vibrant you want your style to look, you’ll see a gradual transition in colour from dark roots to light ends.

Balayage Hair Color

Balayage is a way of hair colouring that adds more texture and definition when compared to the ombre hairstyle.

It will make the hair look more voluminous, as it relies on a sweeping technique to apply the bleach, resulting in greater variation in colour and sometimes darker ends to the hair.

Both these styles are great for hair that has a natural wave or curl to it, as the regrowth will look more natural. On straighter hair, regrowth will be more noticeable and provide a greater contrast, but still look stunning.

Deciding Which Look Is Right For You

When you’re deciding between ombre vs balayage for your hair, consider the following points:

  • Are you absolutely certain you want to bleach your hair?
  • Do you want a low maintenance style?
  • If your hair is very dark, how much lighter do you want to go?
  • Is your hair usually very well styled, or do you go for a more natural, untamed look?
  • Do you like the ‘roots growing out’ look?

Ombre is a style that can be either very subtle or very striking, and is probably the one you want to aim for if you’d like your hair to be noticed. It can be done very naturally to start with and made more striking as you become more confident and bold.

Balayage is more of a natural, sun-kissed hair highlights look. The colourist applies the dye with sweeping motions on to the boards or foil, which gives a gentler transition from darker to light and will give more variation in colour tone. This might be the best style to go for if you’re new to hair colouring and aren’t sure whether you want anything too strong or not.

Whichever style you opt for, it is best not to attempt this at home and to always visit a salon for your colour service.

The colorists at Royal Retreat Spa are known for their specialisation in Balayage & Ombre hair coloring. We have received rave reviews for the beautiful results delivered, and most of our clients bring a friend back for their next colouring session!

Want to avail a consultation with one of our colorists? Call us on  04 3442540, 04 3447540, 04 3447530 – or use the form provided to request a call back.

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