Hair loss and thinning hair can crush a person’s self-esteem and have a hugely negative impact on a person’s life – and it’s not just men who experience it. Women can also be subject to thinning hair or hair loss, as a result of stress, illness, over-styling, changes in diet, pregnancy and other significant life events. But there is a scientifically proven solution now available: hair follicle simulation.

How we can help

Here at Royal Retreat Beauty & Spa, we offer the hair follicle simulation treatments using the latest technology and techniques. This non-surgical solution uses state-of-the-art micropigmentation technology to faithfully recreate the look of new hair growth.

Essentially, it works as a medical hairline tattoo. Microdots of natural pigment are carefully matched to your own hair colour and applied to your scalp’s second epidermal layer, blending with and replicating your real hair. Over a course of treatments, we will use different shades to fill in gaps and recreate hair follicles subtly, giving the illusion of fuller, thicker hair – all without going under the knife.

Surgical hair treatments can be both expensive and risky – hair follicle simulation offers a similarly effective option at a fraction of the price and without the risks of surgery. This treatment is suitable for all skin types, hair colours and ages, so you can rest assured your hair will look natural and at its best.

Specialists you can trust

Our technician, Paris Faraji Dongah, has been a leading light in the beauty business for many years and she is a trailblazer for hair follicle simulation in Dubai. She holds an NPM Advanced certificate in SPMU, Hair Follicle Simulation in Dubai, and is also highly qualified in both paramedical treatments and specialist beauty treatments; she has a Netherlands Nouveau Contour Advanced Certificate in Semi Permanent Make-up and Paramedical Treatments and a hair and skin advance course certificate from Eshnaeder Academy of Germany. Paris is also an expert in skincare and semi-permanent make-up, proven by her certificate in Advanced Skin Courses and Advanced Permanent Make-up from USA Bio Touch and her advanced diploma in Beauty Therapy from Tender Skin International. Licensed and certified in SPMU Dubai and the UAE for semi-permanent make-up activity, you can rest assured you’re being looked after by a true professional.

If you are concerned about thinning hair or bald spots, please don’t hesitate get in touch with us for a consultation with our specialists.

We guarantee to offer you expert service which can make all the difference to your self-esteem, your appearance and your life.

Request a call back using the form provided to speak to one of our specialists directly.

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