Avail our special offer on Guinot Double Ionisation Facial for AED 299 only!


Pioneered by the world-famous French skincare brand, our Guinot Double Ionisation treatment uses microcurrents to deliver ingredients high in concentration to your skin, replenishing it in various ways.Vitamin E, Vitamin C and hyalauronic acid are among the ingredients this service can provide, penetrating deep into the skin’s layers in a soothing, comfortable manner. Using a combination of negative and positive microcurrents, the treatment stimulates the muscles in your skin, toning them. Gentle massage techniques work alongside them to allow the ingredients to delve faster and deeper through your layers. When certain gels are applied, the treatment can target
  • wrinkles,
  • sensitivity,
  • dryness
  • pigmentation,
  • among other facial conditions.

This treatment leaves your skin appearing smoother, with a radiant glow and purified pores. The high frequency currents used also stimulate the blood network which lies just beneath the surface of your skin, increasing circulation and bringing new nutrients to the cells, oxygenating the layers in the process. All this also has an anti-bacterial effect, helping fight off harmful bacteria that may otherwise leave you in worse health.

  • Targets wrinkles and dryness
  • Leaves skin smoother and more radiant
  • Provides healthy vitamins
Price: AED 550

Now get this advanced facial for only AED 299!

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