For that flawless, fuller lip look without the fear of smudging, try cosmetic lip tattooing or micropigmentation today.

The semi permanent makeup technique is proven to give the illusion of a perfectly subtle lip liner, whilst camouflaging scars and disguising the appearance of fine lines around your mouth. Enhancing shape, colour and definition, lips can be truly transformed with a Semi Permanent Lip Tattoo.

The procedure will begin with the application of a thin outline on the border of the lip, giving a crisp lip line and preventing lipstick from bleeding. The process is then completed by shading the colour down in a circular motion, often leaving the interior of the lip without colour for a natural, blended finish.

Choosing the right tone for you is important and our specialists are on hand to assist you in your decision. Pale pinks and nude hues are ideal for semi permanent lip makeup, providing a perfect day look with the flexibility to apply a darker lipstick for a glam occasion or evening style. It is always recommended to tattoo your lips one or two shades brighter or darker, depending on your natural skin tone.

The pigment used for your lips’ tattoo is thicker than the ink used in body tattoos, therefore resulting in a natural, powdery finish. Although the pigment molecules will stay in your skin indefinitely, they will exfoliate out and begin to fade after 12 to 18 months. This will vary depending on your age, lifestyle and your skin type. For lighter shades of ink, you may find that you’ll need to attend a boost session to ensure optimum results are maintained.

The filling of your lips’ tattoo can take up to two hours due to the lip slowly absorbing the colour. As your lips are sensitive, we use a strong anesthetic to make the procedure pain free. You should expect some mild discomfort during this process.

Following your cosmetic procedure, you should allow up to ten days for your lips tattoo to fully heal. Your lips will look dry and chapped during this time and you may find that the colour will fade slightly, restoring to full colour after two weeks.

Whether you are looking for a subtle look that lasts, or a dramatic and vibrant smudge-free lip, semi permanent lip tattoos provides a flawless finish to wow.

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