Can you really get the look of a face lift without invasive surgery?

Thanks to Guinot’s Hydradermie Lift Facial, it’s something that is extremely possible!

Brought to you by the revolutionary French skincare brand, the Hydradermie Lift Facial involves stimulating the muscles and skin with Galvanic and high frequency waves in order to tighten and tone the skin and leave you with a radiant, glowing complexion.

Come for a Guinot facial in Dubai, and prepare to be amazed.

What is a Hydradermie Lift Facial?

The Hydradermie Lift Facial uses a machine that oxygenates and boosts skin cells to prepare the skin for deep tissue massage and the masks and products that are a part of the treatment. It also helps a variety of gels to penetrate the skin using an ionisation process, which have a long-lasting and profound effect.

Is it just a skin treatment?

The anti ageing facial machine also stimulates the muscles under the skin and massages them to help lift the face and encourage the production of collagen. It lifts and supports the whole facial structure and brings that elasticity and shine back to your skin.

It’s like a gym workout for your face. It’s followed with an exfoliation to reveal the beautiful lustre underneath and can be finished off with a variety of treatments that depend on your skin.

Is it unique for each client?

The Guinot range of treatments are bespoke for each client and depends on their skin type and requirements. Done correctly, the Hydradermie Lift Facial can help reduce wrinkle depth by more than 49%. It can be focused on the eyes, neck and other problem areas to take years off your look.

It’s an involved process that should only be carried out by experienced professionals that have been trained to the highest standards.

Do the effects last?

The effects are immediate and they will last, too. Of course, because this is non-invasive and there is no surgery required you can have repetitive treatments, which slowly tighten the face and take even more years off. Each treatment generally takes just an hour, and there is no down time after the facial treatment.

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