If, like many women, you are unhappy with your thinning eyebrows, it can negatively affect your self-esteem and confidence on a daily basis. There’s no need for you to continue suffering though – Micropigmentation offers the perfect solution. With this semi-permanent treatment, you’ll be able to restore your brows to their former glory, or just boost what you’ve naturally got.

What exactly is Eyebrow Micropigmentation?

Eyebrow Micropigmentation – also known as semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos – uses pigments inserted into the skin to enhance the brows and give them a look that is both natural and more defined.

The Eyebrow Micropigmentation procedure involves hypo-allergenic pigments being inserted into the skin’s dermal layer using a tattoo pen. After healing, the pigment will remain in the skin for months; and over time, it will break down and fade. A technique called microblading is used to ensure the semi-permanent eyebrows look natural, which involves manual hair stroke simulation.

Micropigmentation, for eyebrows and other features, is a state-of-the-art, medically developed procedure that has been extensively tested and certified. So you can rest assured that the eyebrow tattoo (semi-permanent) procedure is completely safe.

Does it hurt?

Generally, Eyebrow Micropigmentation isn’t painful. A topical cream will be applied, so you shouldn’t feel any pain, but you might feel a slight scratching sensation.

How long does it last?

As it is frequently referred to as “semi-permanent makeup”, Micropigmentation does not last forever. You can expect it to last for up to 10 months, gradually fading during this 10th month. There will be one retouch session needed after one month from the first session to be assure all work is done properly. You can then simply return to the salon for another treatment, maintaining your beautifully defined brows or changing the look of them if you desire.

What should I expect after the eyebrow tattoo procedure?

Some swelling and redness is to be expected after your treatment, and this will take some time to settle, depending on how sensitive your skin is. You should follow all of your Micropigmentation technician’s instructions following the procedure, including avoiding swimming pools and harsh skin products.

If you want to enhance your eyebrows, and love the current trend for the bold brow look, Royal Retreat Spa has a certified specialist who can work with you to find the perfect look and shape.

Call  04 3442540, 04 3447540, 04 3447530 to consult our Micropigmentation specialist today – or simply use the form provided to request a call back and you’ll be one step closer to the eyebrows you’ve always wanted.

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