Whether you have undergone mastectomies, any type of breast surgery, or you are looking for an effective solution for irregular or fading areolas – areola and nipple pigmentation are nothing short of a medical miracle.

Our permanent areola and nipple pigmentation techniques include cosmetically tattooed micropigmentation that helps in restoring the natural beauty of your breasts so you can regain confidence in your own femininity. This process helps restore a youthful look in a natural and enduring manner. You can undergo areola and nipple pigmentation either for one or both breasts.

If you’re looking for areola and nipple pigmentation in Dubai, it is important that you understand the process a little to know exactly how this treatment would help you.

Areola and Nipple Pigmentation Process


The treatment process initiates with a consultation that helps understanding your expectations from the treatment. It explores your medical history in detail. Consultation even aids in taking into account other factors such as your skin tone and breast shape and size.

Next comes the design phase where we keep you fully involved in the process so that everything goes as per your expectations from the treatment.

Then, we choose the colors based on how natural, subtle or strong results you want. We custom blend our colors to flawlessly match your requirements.


Areola and nipple pigmentation process involves gentle implantation of microscopic particles of pigment into the skin with the help of an electronic pen that uses needles to implant the color. You may experience a slight tingling sensation when the pen is moved along the skin to gradually build the color effect. A tropical anesthetic is applied so as to make the process comfortable for you. After the treatment, the treated area is dressed properly and you’re provided with the needed aftercare instructions.


Initially, the healed result would tend to look darker in appearance but it tends to soften in a few days, and the color lightens considerably. To make sure that your treatment brings out the desired results, you’ll have to follow the aftercare instructions as given by our expert. Your number of sessions would depend on treatment and degree of scarring, and would be advised accordingly.

At Royal Retreat Spa, we focus on advanced medical and cosmetic tattooing only. We practice these skills every day. We use internationally acclaimed Nouveau contour and ORON60digital machines that give accurate performance.

Our expert artist, Paris Faraji has an advanced diploma in Beauty Therapy from Tender Skin International and certificates in permanent make-up from USA Bio Touch, Colour Understanding and Colour Removal and Camouflage from SC International Switzerland, she holds a Netherlands Nouveau Contour Advanced Certificate in Semi-Permanent Makeup and Paramedical Treatments and an advanced certificate from Eshnaeder Academy of Germany. She is licensed in SPMU Dubai for semi-permanent make-up and Paramedical Treatments like scar treatment. An expert in her field, she has done many educational courses from all over the world and is frequent with learning more which helps her know all the latest trends and practices in the industry.

If you have any doubts in regards to areola and nipple pigmentation, you can always speak to our experts. Call us on 04 3442540, 04 3447540, 04 3447530 or book a consultation using the form below!

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