If you’ve ever wanted to drastically change the way your hair looks, or you just want to make it appear fuller or longer, then hair extensions can be a good solution.

They are not permanent, so you are not stuck with them forever, but they can enable you to try out a completely new look or style, which is perhaps why they are used by celebrities young and old the world over.

There are many different types of hair extension, but in recent years, keratin hair extensions have been among the most popular.

What are keratin hair extensions?

Unlike clip-in hair extensions, which can fall out fairly quickly, a keratin hair extension involves the application of a tiny keratin bond at the tip of the extension, which then attaches it to your natural hair.

Traditionally, this attachment is often carried out using glue or heat, but this process can be damaging to your hair. At Royal Retreat Spa, we use an innovative technique employing an ultrasound machine and the latest in cold fusion technology to quickly and painlessly attach the extensions, producing fuller, longer hair which will last for up to six months.

Why choose a keratin-bond hair extension?

There are many advantages to choosing cold fusion hair extensions from Royal Retreat Spa in Dubai.

Since we don’t use heat or glue, the process of attaching the extensions will not damage your hair, and it can be done much more quickly than methods which don’t benefit from our innovative cold fusion extension technology.

Our keratin hair extensions come in a range of different shades to suit the style you’re looking for, are colourable, durable, and can be treated just like your own hair.

At Royal Retreat Spa, we offer one of the leading hair extension services in Dubai. You can be assured that we only use 100% human hair in our keratin hair extensions, so they will always look completely natural.

We have a wide variety of straight and curly keratin hair extension in many different textures, including European, Indian and Russian, and in a range of lengths from 20 cm to 80 cm.

If you want longer, fuller, more natural looking hair, contact us at Royal Retreat Spa in Dubai and benefit from our wealth of experience in keratin hair extensions. Use the form provided to request a call back.

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