Cold Fusion Hair Extension; Revolutionary Method For All Type Of Hair

As a professional beauty salon Royal Retreat Beauty Centre, it is important for us to educate ourselves and update our scientific knowledge in hair and hair care to enlighten our clients how they can have a healthy and pretty hair while making any changes such as adding extension hair extensionslayers to their hair to stay attractive.



Hair plays very important role in our beauty. Long, full and shiny hair is a sign of youth and the secret to look young and charming in any age is getting help from semi-permanent hair extension.

There are plenty types of hair extension offer in the beauty market, but because each way applies different method, which sometimes might be harmful to the hair you need to take your step carefully and with an open eye. Here are some tips that help you in choosing the best and healthiest way:


Cold Fusion Hair Extension is also known as a micro link or micro loop is the latest technique in hair extension.  In this revolutionary method, which is very gentle for the hair, the keratin based extensions will be attached to the root by keratin-based glue that bonds to the natural hair.

Since In this Italian technique, the ultrasound is applying to protect the natural hair and no heat or hot glue are offering, so it can be said that this method is safe for all kind of hair, specifically for soft and thin hair.


In Cold Fusion Hair Extension method, the extension attaches to the natural hair in a single bond through ultrasound. These waves crystallize the keratin based glue and build a strong bond with the natural hair. These bonds are long lasting and invisible and because no hot glue is using, hair stays healthy.

Cost wise, cCold Fusion Hair Extension is less expensive and reusable and it worth the money because it is much healthier than other ways and the removal process leaves your hair follicle protected.

In addition to all in cold fusion method, the extension will last between 4 to 6 month which is the longest term for a hair extension to compare with other systems.



In Hot fusion, heated keratin based bounds apply to small bundles of your natural hair by a very hot applicator. The temperature of these elements can reach 220C which can burn your finger to a crisp! This heat is used to melt the keratin mixing it into the Remy hair. Once the keratin bond is cool it becomes hard and your hair and the bond are attached to each other. That’s how the hair extension stays on your hair.


Despite cold fusion, this method doesn’t have many advantages to talk about and basically, it is not advisable method because first of the high and unbearable temperature of the machine damages the hair. At the same time, it is very time consuming and can take several hours of your time. Above all, the worst part is when it comes to removing the extension. In this method, to break down the bond and remove it from your hair, often acetone is used which damages the cuticle and weakens the hair.


Tape in hair extensions is applied using double or single-sided polyurethane tape. In this method, the extensions are pre-taped and will fix on both sides of your own hair.


This type of hair extension doesn’t last more than six to twelve weeks. Although, tape-in hair extension is easy and quick to apply, they are usually low-quality hair extensions, plus, it might make you feel uncomfortable since it’s tying your hair up, especially on the side of the head, even by using single-sided tape.

In addition, after taping in extension, you should avoid washing your hair or excessively sweating at least for 24-48 hours after application because the bond needs time to stay attached properly to the hair.


Commonly this extension is known as sew-in or braided method. This type of hair extension is ideal for curly or thick hair. In this method, you’re a bundle of your hair is braided to create a base for the extensions, and then the extensions are sewn into the braids with a needle and cotton thread.


Although in this method, also no heat or hot glue is applying but the process takes a long time and the key point to note is if the hair extensions are not washed properly and regularly, bacteria can build up and cause infection. Plus, feeling of discomfort and headaches after an application is common. Above all, the tight braids in this method sometimes can cause tension or traction alopecia.



We offer 100 percent Remy hair to look natural. Our Remy’s hair is from India and Europe, the most common countries for this type of extensions. Base on your original hair color, you can choose your wig.


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