Caviar concentrate in Caviar treatments,  restore the strength of the locks and prevent it from future breakage. 
It is all about providing enough quantity of nutritious ingredients for hair in one go. The real caviar concentrate in Caviar treatments, not only acts as hair soothing and regenerating, but also it restore the strength of the locks and prevent it from future breakage.

At the same time, this treatment provides the crucial fatty acids to protect the scalp and prevent dryness. Caviar Hair Treatment can work as an extraordinary improvement to brittle hair, chemically damaged hair, weak and thin hair and also for unmanageable hair.  

The key point to note is, this powerful treatment has the ability to rescue the hair from aging and repairs damaged hair.

The advantage of Caviar treatment is the speed of absorption, in a way that it won’t leave a greasy mark on pillows or sheets.

One thing you must always keep in mind is in general, for getting the main result in your hair treatment choice, whether with Caviar or any other methods, the more you use it, the healthier your hair becomes.

One of the Hair Remedies that was discussed on “The Doctors TV Show” was Caviar Hair Treatment. According to Dr. Andrew Ordon, Black Caviar is an amazing source of omega 3’s – like many other fish products. This natural extract is formulated with Vitamins (A&E), minerals, amino acids, and fatty acids as well as antioxidant properties.

The vitamins A and E that contained in Caviar, is the main source of antioxidant protection and literally, it’s perfect for UAE’s climate. Antioxidants repair the damages caused by UV radiation and free radicals. Amino acids and Omega-3 fatty acids provide hydration, softness and the strength of the trends.

Caviar should be applied on wet hair. Then, your hair specialist will towel dry your hair followed by combing and massaging and she will leave your hair for about 15 minutes. The magical effect of this treatment can immediately be felt especially in the sense of silkiness. After the treatment, you hair will be so smooth, strong and shiny, regardless of how damaged it was before.

Since the holiday season is arriving soon, what’s even better than treating your hair with Caviar before getting away to enjoy the benefit of it at least for few weeks.

Having a silky and healthy colored hair is a great achievement, and we at ROYA RETREAT BEAUTY AND SPA IN DUBAI, are here to pamper you and assist you to be more attr


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