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What Is Indonesian Massage?

Indonesian traditional massage is considered as one of the earliest sorts of oil massage. This traditional healing treatment helps the body get rid of disease and regain its harmony with pressing and rubbing the soft tissues of the body.

There are a different kind of traditional Indonesian massages such as Pijit, urut and Balinese massage. In between, Pijit is the most common type and mostly is applied for relaxing and muscles strength. It generally focuses on the muscles, using hands and palms to press tissue strongly and squeezing it constantly with fingers and palms.

Urut is mostly used to treat the broken bones and injured muscles. Hence, this treatment can be painful, since the pressure is much deeper not only in the muscles but also the nerve paths and bones. The main achievement of this treatment is wellbeing and increasing the good blood flow. In Urut treatment, fingers, thumbs, palms, knuckles and body weight are all used to muscular relaxation, broken bones recovery and release toxins.

Balinese massage is actually skin rolling treatment. In this kind of massage, the therapist holds the skin between her fingers and thumbs and rolls the skin while is moving her hands and pulling up the muscles. In the Balinese massage, the masseur cracks the neck, fingers and toes; how much the sound is louder, the more pleased is feeling.

In ROYAL RETREAT BEAUTY AND SPA DUBAI, our professional team are specifically educated and experienced in this type of massage. They are fully aware of where and how to apply the pressure without harming the body.

How Does It Work:

The moderate sort of traditional Indonesian massage includes a combination of both gentle and relaxing smacks as well as effective pressure. This treatment can be done on the mattress or special bed. In ROYAL RETREAT BEAUTY AND SPA, first the therapist starts to massage the legs, then rigidly rubs the back and arms and at the end, she massages the scalp slowly to help the blood circulation and energize the body.

Benefits Of Indonesian Massage:

Indonesian massage like any other treatments, apart from relaxing, has its own unique benefits such as below:

-Reliefs allergies’ symptom.

– Clears the body’s line for Qi energy (the energy around our body).  

-Heals damaged muscles and tissues.

– Calms joint pains.

-Helps with sleep disorders.

Who Should Avoid Of Indonesian Massage:

-People with fever or high temperatures

-People with bleeding or open wounds and cuts on the skin

– People with any blood vessels or lymph inflammation

– People with complication of heart conditions

-People with Hypertension

-People with high level of Sunburn

-People with pathological hardening or thickening of tissue


Although this treatment can help to recover the injured bones or tissues and helps to reduce stress and detoxify the body, and both men and women benefit of this treatment, but it is not recommended for those who suffer from some pathological issues and pregnant women. Therefore, it is important to visit your therapist before getting this message.

On the consultation day, in ROYAL RETREAT BEAUTY AND SPA, our professional Indonesian masseur, will meet and greet with the applicant and will ask about her medical experience, in addition she will explain the procedure of this treatment and the way of applying the pressure and the applicant can choose her massage oil base on her taste.


Massage Therapy

Candle Massage, benefits for skin & pregnant women

Candle massage also is for amazing mothers, to reduce stretch marks followed by pregnancy. We offer all kind of massage techniques from traditional and ancient style to modern. One of these not very new methods is Candle massage.  All of us have some of those very busy days that while we are on our desk and to do list weigh on our mind, we take a sigh out and wish to lie down on a massage bed in a quite relaxing room and feel the thread of joyful warmth oil drips on our body by a gentle massage. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling? Well, the answer is yes! It is absolutely an amazing sense and the best way of Self-care without using any medicine.

Because everybody worth the best way of treatment to get rid of negativities and daily stress.
So, love yourself and allow your body and soul to enjoy the pleasure of a professional massage at ROYAL RETREAT SPA CENTER.
We are a cozy Spa and Beauty center based in Dubai with a highly qualified massage therapists from Thailand, Indonesia and Philippine. Our professional therapists are highly certified in International Massage School and many years of experience in body massage and treatment.

They have the knowledge of massage techniques according to your body, so if you have back pain, or slip disc or neck issues, trust me you can pamper yourself with peace of mind at ROYAL RETREAT SPA CENTER. massage-royal-retreat-dubai
In ROYAL RETREAT AND SPA CENTER, we offer all kind of massage techniques from traditional and ancient style to modern. One of these not very new methods is Candle massage treatment.

This type of massage is very well-known for its numerous advantages that overwhelm your body and soul with its benefits and due to our honesty and commitment to provide the unique and trustworthy massage services for our lovely clients, we offer ORLI Massage Candle as one of the best, pure natural and high demanding massage product in the world.
ORLI candle is a Scottish HAND MADE natural and environment-friendly product which is not only popular between spa specialist and spa lovers, but also It is highly recommended by celebrities and models such as Jorun Gudmunsden a Danish Hair Icon of 2012. In her blog, she express her wonderful experience with ORLI. “After the treatment, my hair was very easy to style, easier than usual.

It has been beneficial to my hair after just one treatment – that’s for sure! Whatever the purpose – if you want your scalp and hair roots nourished and your hair to shine, I would really recommend Orli hair oil. It’s a big plus that the oil is hot, when you use it, as the oil feels like an actual treatment and not ‘only’ as any other oil on the market For me personally, it’s the best product for dry hair and skin that I have ever tried. The scent is also a plus.

It smells so good when lit and smells just as beautiful when you have applied it. If you have dry skin, I would recommend Orli Candles because they not only give a good result over time, but also because they provide a comfortable treatment for the body, soul and mind! If you want to treat yourself or others, then Orli would be the perfect choice”.

candel-massage-royal-retreat-1MASSAGE CANDLES INGREDIENTS:
In fact, massage candle is a combination of superior skin nourishing ingredients such as rich shea and cocoa butters, jojoba and sweet almond oil with vitamin E, avocado butter, passionflower seed oil, hawaiian kukui nut oil and Moroccan Argan Oil. Massage candles can also be used for hair, nail and toe treatments. In ROYAL RETREAT SPA we host your body and soul, to experience this unforgettable and relaxing massage method and reach to the highest level of harmony.

To ease your worries about the temperature of the candles; we assure you that these special and natural combination melt at a very low temperature which is enough to provide joyful warmth to your body without burning your skin.
Basically, an effective massage can regenerate the body and its positive result is mental, physical and spiritual well-being to the maximum, specifically candle massage can take over the other techniques, because of its multi benefits such as below:


What makes ROYAL RETREAT SPA CENTER remarkable and popular in the market and between the dozen of fans, is its especial candle massage therapy for pregnant women. This special candle massage is for amazing mothers and beautiful mothers to be, to reduce and treat all kind of stretch marks followed by pregnancy.

For this purpose we use “ORLI BELLA MAMA” a fantastic and very popular brand between our lovely pregnant massage lovers. The massage applies by our specialized therapists that have the knowledge of pregnancy massage.
“ORLI BELLA MAMA” is a beautiful treatment massage candle and is specially formulated for all type of skins. This candle does NOT contain any essential oils and therefore is the perfectl for expecting mothers. The candle is made up of a super nourishing balm that melts and drizzled over the body. The all natural ingredients in the balm fill into the skin and not only are enriched moistured but also help to decrease or vanish the stretch marks and heal the scars. In ROYAL RETREAT BEAUTY AND SPA.

The candle massage therapy is not only limited to moments of relaxation and stress relief, but so more, it use as rich source of Vitamin E for skin and also as a moisturizing lotion for cuticles, fee and elbows. ORLI massage candle that we provide in ROYAL RETREAT SPA CENTRE, is all purpose product that can be used as massage oil, candle, body lotion and even body balm!.
Another great advantage of candle massage to other kind of massages is the speed of absorbing process. In ROYAL RETREAT SPA, you have this chance to relax and rest more after your massage session ends.

It means, instead of rinsing your body, you can relax and then dress up easily because the super nutritional ingredient of the ORLI massage candle lays under your skin and goes through your body rapidly and gives a flawless glow and silky feels to your skin.


Variety of our available massage candles

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At ROYAL RETREAT SPA, you will find variable types of ORLI candles and each one is suitable for a particular purpose, such as:

  • De-stressing: An amazing choice for soothing nervous tension, stress and anxiety. Made of Moroccan Argan Oil massage candle carefully blended with essential oils of Grapefruit, Patchouli and Rosewood.
  • Balancing: Suitable for balancing the mind, body and soul. The base is Moroccan Argan Oil massage candle carefully blended with essential oils of Chamomile, Lavender and Bergamot
  • warming: A warming, rejuvenating and comforting mixture to help soothe everyday aches and pains. Made of Moroccan Argan Oil and carefully blended with essential oils of Orange, Ginger and Frankincense.
  •  Muscles soothing: Suitable for soothing mental fatigue, aches and pains and promoting physical well-being. A combination of Moroccan Argan Oil massages and carefully blended with essential oils of Black Pepper, Grapefruit and Rosemary.
  • Exotic Aromatherapy: Luxurious spa inspired massage candle fragranced with Sandalwood, Patchouli, Lavender and Jasmine essential oils.
  • Relax Aromatherapy: Luxurious spa inspired massage candle fragranced with Lavender, Geranium and Sandalwood essential oils.
  • Calm Aromatherapy: Luxurious spa inspired massage candle fragranced with Marjoram, Frankincense and Tea Tree essential oils.
  •  Sensual Aromatherapy: Luxurious spa inspired massage candle fragranced with Ylang Ylang, Neroli and Bergamot essential oils.
  • BELLA MAMA: Fantastic massage treatment for beautiful mothers and mothers- to be, to Reduce or remove the stretch marks especially during pregnancy.
  • SNOWBERRY: A perfect combination of rich cranberry and iced summer berries along with orange, sweet honey, rose and vanilla and Gold body shimmer.
  • There are other variable types ORLI MASSAGE CANDLES available on our shelf. After your treatment session you can choose any essence you prefer and use it as body balm or body lotion at home and our professional therapist can assist you accordingly.
    The last but not the least, LIFE does not wait for anyone, so NOW is the time to pamper yourself and pursue your dreams by our super-duper nourishing candles.