Scalp Micropigmentation, all about this technique

Scalp Micropigmentation Dubai

Scalp Micro pigmentation With Nano Dots  Will Boost Your Confidence  A high percentage of men and women experience hair loss at one stage in their lives due to some reasons such as hormonal changes, genetic factors, medication, scalp surgeries, chemotherapy, dying hair and so more. Regardless of the gender, this unpleasant incident can make individual […]

Caviar, super Nutritious Hair Remedy for a lifetime


Caviar concentrate in Caviar treatments,  restore the strength of the locks and prevent it from future breakage.  It is all about providing enough quantity of nutritious ingredients for hair in one go. The real caviar concentrate in Caviar treatments, not only acts as hair soothing and regenerating, but also it restore the strength of the […]

Olaplex Hair treatment and Olaplex no 3 reviews by Dubai expats


Olaplex hair treatments are one of the best ways to cure your hair. Olaplex no 3 before and after. Apparently, highlight or coloring the hair cause damages and early hair aging, because in the process of bleaching or changing the color, the bonds of the breaks and it results in hair weakness. However, these days […]