Camouflage For Scars

When it comes to accidental and post-surgery scars, they can be hard to deal with and difficult to get rid of. However, with the new camouflage technology, Stretch Marks and scars are no longer a problem. Camouflage for scars is the most affordable, painless, and quick option for getting rid of long-term scars, those after medical procedures or suffering from self-inflicted scars. If you suffer from scars that you do not want to keep visible for longer,

What is Scar Camouflage?

The Brazilian Scar Camouflage Treatment, AKA corrective pigment camouflage includes matching the color of your skin to a Camouflage pigment from the many shades of this technology. During this specialized Camouflage method, this pigment is flawlessly blended into the skin, making scarring less obvious. This camouflage Pigmentation can treat various kinds of scars, including those from accidents, self-inflicted scars, C-sections, body surgeries such as breast lifts, liposuction, and abdominoplasty, and other cosmetic procedures. The pigmentation is done using micropigmentation, where pigment is implanted in outmost layer of epidermis using a device and cartridge with fine needle. The process is painless, non-invasive, safe, and much better than a traditional tattoo- which is painful and not as perfect when it comes to color matching and natural scar covering.

How Does Camouflaging Work?

You may be wondering whether it is even possible to pigment over a scar. The simple answer is yes, but there are exceptions. Camouflage can treat uncomplicated scarring. This latest beauty addition is very friendly towards the texture of the skin and does not open wounds or “worsen” scars. On the contrary, it uses tiny needles to implant safe and clinically approved pigments into the skin in micro-punctures that are barely visible. The pigment is progressively built up as layers of it are added onto each other, giving a natural and realistic result. Over just a few sessions, you can see that the pigment has covered your scar, and it has blended in with the rest of your skin. From trauma to burns and surgical scars, camouflaging can help.
Benefits of Scar Camouflage Treatment for Scars:
Compared to surgical methods and traditional tattoo, camouflage coverage has the least cost and side effects to make your scars near invisible. Since the process uses technology that brings out the perfect skin color of the client, it is most recommended. Not only is it completely safe, but it could also be the shortest form of treatment for stretch marks on the body, as it covers up some areas in only one session.
Unlike surgery, it’s simple and hassle-free, and it only needs to reach the upper parts of the dermis to do its job. Even tattoos need more outreach into deeper layers of the skin to do their jobs. Therefore, between all methods, it’s quite obvious why this is the go-to choice.
What to Expect from the Scar Camouflage Treatment process?
The most crucial aspect of the procedure is pigment choosing. As a result, your technician will first utilize the broad pallet to mix and match the pigments that best suit your skin tone. To achieve the correct color for the client’s skin, the artist will usually need to blend two colors. The procedure is painless or a little discomfort in some areas. Finally, the needle is used to inject pigment into the skin in order to conceal any flaws/scars.
The treated area will be red and swollen immediately after the treatment, but this is normal. The scabby skin in the camouflaged area will be the next step of healing. Because the skin is renewing, some stretch marks seem darker at this point (especially if the skin is prone to hyper-pigmentation). The skin shows the actual look of the camouflage by the end of the healing period which is 30-45 days, varies in different skin and scar types.
How you care for your scar camouflage during the healing process and afterward will have a big impact on the outcome and durability of your camouflage. Each client’s skin will react differently, both in terms of healing time and the number of treatments required to get your desired outcomes.

How to Prepare for Scar Camouflage Treatment:

  • 48 hours before your session, avoid drinking too much alcohol or drinking too much coffee. Because these two substances thin the blood, they may induce bleeding during the treatment.
  • Before scheduling an appointment, speak with a professional about any blood-thinning drugs you’re taking (such as ibuprofen).
  •  Pregnant women, those with auto-immune illnesses, and people with other major health concerns should consult a doctor before undergoing the procedure.
  •  Waxing and tanning should be avoided prior to the therapy.
  • You must check with a specialist before booking your session if you have used Botox or chemical treatments on the region you want to treat.


After-care tips for Scar Camouflage Treatment:
It’s recommended to use fresh bed sheets every night for the first 5 continuous nights.
You should wash your camouflage with tepid water and unscented soap or cleaner before going to bed.
After cleansing, use the aftercare that the therapist has prescribed in a thin layer.
Any dry skin or flakiness should not be scratched, picked, or peeled.
For the next five days, avoid any activities that induce excessive perspiration.
Avoid using cosmetics on the pigmented region until it is completely healed.
Do not have any spa treatments on the treated area until it has completely healed.
Use SPF to keep the pigment from fading once the camouflage has fully healed.
Final Takeaways:
We all have scars from our childhood, a burn, an accident, or surgery (cosmetic/medical). Although some might be less visible, others can make us feel irritated and annoyed. It is no lie that most scars don’t fade much with the use of products and creams, and more advanced treatments are needed. Although corrective camouflage does not get rid of scars, it re-pigments them to look like our natural skin, which is always the best option when removing them is out of the picture. This treatment can be recommended to almost anyone with a scar that needs to be covered up.

Scar Camouflage Treatment at Royal Retreat Spa:

When it comes to scar camouflage in Dubai, Royal Retreat Spa offers the most skilled and experienced practitioners. In this approach, knowing the color laws, as well as the needle and device angles, is crucial, and Paris Faraji’s team has honed its skills in this area. Royal Retreat Spa, with delighted clients all across the UAE, is ready to provide you with one of the greatest camouflage scar treatments there is


Can I Camouflage Over a Scar?
Yes. You can use Brazilian camouflage treatment to cover up a scar.

Is it Painful?

Depending on where your stretch marks and scars are, you may feel some mild or no discomfort during the procedure, topical anesthetics is available and can be used to make it painless, although it’s better to do it without numbing agent for better response from skin.

How much is Cost Of Scar Camouflage Treatment?

To get the best price for Scar Camouflage you need to have a proper consultation with Mrs. Paris Faraji. Pricing is totally depending on size of Stretch Marks. Click here to book your appointment with her.

How Long Does Scar Camouflaging Take?

A session might last anywhere from 1-4 hours, depending on the size of the region being treated.

How many Scar Camouflage I need to cover my scar and Stretch Marks?

The number of sessions required is determined on your skin’s response to the therapy. For the best results, you may require between two and four sessions.

How Long Does Camouflaging Last?

The treatment’s effectiveness timeframe varies from person to person. Sun exposure, your skin care, and your way of life can all influence whether or not you need touch-ups in the future. The effects can last anywhere from 2-8 years on average.

Is the Procedure Safe for People with Sensitive Skin?

Talking to a skin specialist to address potential issues or responses on sensitive skin is crucial. A test must be done to determine if your skin is allergic or sensitive to the process/pigments.

How long does it take for results to appear?

As your body recovers, the complete results will take 30–60 days to appear.