Stretch Mark Camouflage

We Are Excited To Show You The Newest Addition to Beauty Industry
Stretch Mark Camouflage In Dubai

This is your final destination to improve your Stretch Marks and scars by giving it more color and better texture


We Know Doctors Say: ‘There is no cure for Stretch Marks, you need to live with them’. But finally, there is a magical treatment added to permanent make up industry to help this important beauty matter.

Camouflage helps, Scars, Stretchmarks, Self Inflicted Injuries, C-Section Scars and Alopecia with a special cartridge needle and professional device designed for this treatment to implant the pigment into skin on the outmost layer of it.


Paris Faraji Technique Can Help You To Achieve Successful Result To Reduce The Visibility Of Your Stretch Mark With Camouflage
Which is a non-invasive & safe distribution of skin tone pigment into Stretchmark and scars with the help of a device and organic pigments similar to skin color in different shades

What to expect:
20-30% improvement can be visible in the first session, however, 3-4 treatments are recommended for the final best result of Stretchmark Camouflage and Scars Camouflage

Areas we treat?

  • White stretch marks
  • Healed scars
  • Healed c-section scars
  • Self-inflicted injuries
  • Alopecia, few special cases only

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What technique is used in Stretch Mark Camouflage:
This is a Permanent Makeup Technique, It’s not a Tattoo. Device and technique together create micro scratches into outmost layer of skin and pigment implantation fill the scratches to change the color of Stretch Marks.

How long is healing phase for Stretch Mark Camouflage?
Skin needs 30 to 45 days to heal. It also depends on skin texture and type as well. Result will be visible in 30 days and normally we can proceed to next procedure in 30 days’ time frame.

Stretch Mark Camouflage vs. Lasers
Laser Treatment do work on stretch marks by damaging the skin’s from middle to deeper layers and forcing it to heal itself, while our Micro Needling Procedure works on outer layer of skin and at the same time putting back pigment on top of micro scratches to bring back some more color and texture to scar. Laser may create secondary scar but our technique help scar to heal as well.

How many sessions is needed?
Generally, 3-4 treatments are recommended for the final best result of Stretchmark Camouflage and Scars Camouflage, however after final result achievement, it may need a touch up every 24 months for maintaining the perfect color shade.

Camouflage Vs. Tattoo?
Camouflage technique creates micro scratches on the skin in outmost layer of epidermis. At the same time implanting pigment on top of micro scratches while Tattooing is deeper into dermis layer and may cause bleeding. In Tattoo technique ink is being used that includes heavy ingredients with smaller molecules to transfer deeper into skin that may turn into unpleasant color shade by time where in Camouflage pigments will remain the same shade and pigments are much bigger yet softer molecules that stay on top of the skin so that it covers the Stretch Mark Scar Texture to give more natural visual.

Why Choose Us?
Only a few Scar Camouflage technicians in Dubai have been trained in this highly specialized area of permanent makeup, as it necessitates sophisticated knowledge, lots of training, and expertise in permanent cosmetics, as well as an aesthetic sense for color and mixing them. Camouflage for scars at Royal Retreat Spa is the right choice to make, because Paris Faraji not only has the knowledge of color and pigmentation, but she also understands the science beneath human skin, tissue, and skin layers/cells. This makes it easier for us to realize what is best for you and how it should be done. Our skilled specialists implant the special pigment into your scar, matching your skin tone and melding your scar into the surrounding skin, using exceptional pigments and the highest-quality equipment. We offer consultation to prospective clients, and support them through the healing process, because we care about the overall experiences of our customers and not just the outcome of the Camouflage. If you are picking a corrective Camouflage Center in UAE, Royal Retreat should be on top of your list.
Internationally accredited product brands and devices
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Taking care of all safety and hygiene protocols
Hold ourselves highly responsible for the smoothest, easiest procedure
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Q & A

Is Scar Camouflage Treatment Appropriate for My Scarring?
Scar camouflage treatments might not work for all scars. In order to have the optimum effects, scars should be:

  • One-year-old scar (at least)
  • Clear of any open wound or redness
  • lighter than the rest of the body’s skin

How long will it take for my scar camouflage procedure to end?

Each concern area lasts about 1 up to 1.5 hours, and several sessions are usually required.

What should I do in the days leading up to my treatment?
It’s critical that your skin isn’t browned during the procedure. Because the ‘prescriptive’ skin-shade pigments must be blended to match your natural skin tone, this is the case. If your tan fades, you’ll have a color mismatch, with your treated scar appearing darker than the rest of your skin. Prior to the session, blood-thinning medications, chemical peeling, laser treatment, alcohol, and caffeine must be avoided.

What should I do post-treatment?
Use recommended ointments and clean the areas as advised by the artist.

  • Direct sunlight
  • Heat treatments (spas, saunas) and tanning
  • Pools and salt water
  • Excessive perspiration
  • Jacuzzis
  • Laser treatment
  • Chemical peels
  • Moroccan Hammam
  • makeup on the affected areas.

How long does scar camouflage last?
In fact, it last so long, just needs touch-ups every two years to maintain the shade

Can I Camouflage Over a Scar?
Yes. You can use camouflage to cover up a scar.

Can I Camouflage Over a Stretch Mark?
Yes. You can use camouflage to cover up a Stretch Mark.