If you are suffering with a pale nipple, irregular nipples or even cleft lip, then you could be amazed by the results on offer from the areola and cleft lip micropigmentation service at Royal Retreat.

Micropigmentation is essentially a tattoo without the design. It’s simply designed to conceal any irregularities and to conceal problem areas.

While it is commonly used to produce permanent eyebrows, eyeliner and lip liner, advanced techniques allow us to use the technology for certain paramedical treatments.

Areola micropigmentation is, simply put, the art of darkening the areola and giving them a clean round line round the outside. It is not so simple to lighten areola, but women who have pale areola and want to darken them are often delighted with the results.

Cleft lip micropigmentation is an even more delicate art as our make-up artist will do her best to blend out the scar tissue and ensure that the lip looks as uniform as possible with the art of colour. That means tracing the line of the lip, as well as using the micropigmentation to blend the skin. Our make-up artist will advise you on the possibilities when you come for a consultation and while it isn’t always possible to get a perfect result, Paris will almost certainly be able to give you a more symmetrical look that isn’t nearly as obvious.

Our expert artist Paris Farija takes even greater pride in giving confidence back to those suffering from a cleft lip or pale and irregular areolas.

With an advanced diploma in Beauty Therapy from Tender Skin International and certificates in permanent make-up from USA Bio Touch, Colour Understanding and Colour Removal and Camouflage from SC International Switzerland, she holds a Netherlands Nouveau Contour Advanced Certificate in Semi-Permanent Makeup and Paramedical Treatments and an advanced certificate from Eshnaeder Academy of Germany. She is licenced in SPMU Dubai for semi-permanent make-up and Paramedical Treatments like scar treatment.

So if you are suffering with problems with a cleft lip scar or pale or irregular nipples, visit us at Royal Retreat Dubai for a new lease of life. Use the form provided to request a call back.

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