Thai herbal ball massage is one among the many healing massage techniques developed in Thailand – it is considered a detoxifying and luxurious massage treatment, as it combines the benefits of traditional Thai massage with the therapeutic powers of blended Thai and Indian herbs.

The massage uses a selection of therapeutic herbs, such as ginger, turmeric, and lemongrass – which are wrapped in a muslin cloth and tied into a ball. The ball full of healing herbs is then steamed gently and applied to your body in mild pressing, circular and rolling movements.

The heat from the ball transfers the herbal essences and healing essential oils deep into your skin – resulting in the release of muscle tension, detoxification, and increase in body energy. The Thai herbal ball massage in Dubai offers several potential health benefits that go beyond general relaxation and rejuvenation.

Healing Benefits Of Thai Herbal Ball Massage

1. Improves blood circulation

Heat from the herbal ball helps to dilate the blood vessels which help in increasing the circulation of blood and oxygen in the body. As body organs get more oxygen, they become more efficient thus improving body’s overall functioning.

2. Relieves joint and muscle pain

The different types of herbs used in the mixture of Thai herbal ball are rich with antiseptic properties. The healing effect of the herbs soothes muscle pain, while also relieving joint pain.

3. Energizes your body

Thai herbal ball massage blends traditional Thai stretches and massage strokes, which induce deep relaxation and ease the tension in the muscles – thus energizing and rejuvenating your body.

4. Promotes cell growth

The herbs used in the massage also have anti-inflammatory properties that soothe skin inflammation. This massage treatment cleanses your skin by promoting cell growth, while also nourishing and revitalizing the skin.

5. Improves emotional well-being

Thai massage in general releases the tension in your body, and when it is blended with a warm herbal ball massage, it further detoxifies your body releasing all stress and tension – bringing you in a peaceful and calm emotional state.

Thai herbal ball massage at Royal Retreat Beauty & Spa in Dubai is a relaxing treatment to unwind your body and energize it fully.

Experience this luxurious massage treatment while enjoying many of its health benefits – book a Thai herbal ball massage at Royal Retreat Beauty and Spa by calling us on 043447540, 043442540 or 043447530.


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